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A "Kings Ransom" Would Still Not Be Enough For The Clippers To Land The King


LeBron James the driving force behind most basketball decisions of today. The Warriors signed Kevin Durant because of their failure to beat James a few months earlier. The Celtics traded for Kyrie Irving in an effort to finally de-throne a LeBron led team from the Finals.

For the Los Angeles Clippers, their decision to trade away their biggest star was fueled by the same source. The Clips believe they have a shot to sign him this upcoming summer, and were willing to hit the "reset" button in case it actually happened.

But in a piece by ESPN's Marc Spears on the Undefeated, that scenario coming to fruition is nothing more than an impossible dream. In his mind, there's no way in hell LeBron even considers joining the Clippers.

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"Well, the truth is the all-time-great-legacy building James has no time to reload and be patient with the titleless Clippers. And to the Clippers’ credit, they are realistic about not expecting a tap on the shoulder from the NBA megastar. Sorry, long-suffering Clippers fans, even with a king’s ransom now available, word is you’ll need much, much more to be attractive to King James."

It's hard to argue with Spears. With LeBron James nearing 34 years-old, he has no time to build another team in a place that has absolutely no experience winning at a high level. Besides Doc Rivers and a whole lot of cap room, the Clippers really have nothing else going for them.

So while trading away Blake may not have been the best move to begin with, it surely make sit harder to bear knowing LeBron isn't coming to save the day after all.