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A Former Laker Could Be Phoenix's Next Coach


The firing of Earl Watson was the end of an NBA phenomenon. For over a year, no coaches had been fired or replaced, which was a welcome change from what had become normal over the last couple of years.

But with the Suns letting go of Watson, the question now becomes who they will bring in next.

According to Azcentral Sports, the answer to that question may include a former Suns legend and former Laker point guard... Steve Nash.

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Considered one of the best point guards of All-Time, Nash forged a legacy of basketball genius, proving to be one step ahead of everyone else on the court.

Now, he might get the chance to do the same on the sidelines, for a team in desperate need of direction. In Phoenix, he'd get to raise up the franchise's next generation, all while establishing a new culture of basketball for the city.

There's no guarantee that Nash has the job, as there are at leats two other candidates so far. But no matter who they choose, they better make sure he knows what he's doing, or the Suns may never see relevancy again.