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A Big Change Could Be Coming To The NBA


According to ESPN's Nick Friedell, a gigantic change could be coming to the National Basketball Association.

Via Nick's report, commissioner Adam Silver claims that the league will "continue to look at" restructuring playoff seeding. One format the NBA could consider would be the 1-16 seeding, in which the top 16 records in the league make the playoffs, regardless of Conference.

While information is still very limited, this topic is not one that's new the NBA.

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The last couple of years has seen an imbalance between the East and West, with East teams having a much easier path to the playoffs and Finals. As a result, the game can often become predictable, repetitive, and even unfair.

There's been a number of ideas on how to fix the issue, but the 16-seeded playoff format is probably the most realistic solution. Will the NBA make this big and risky change, or will they keep things how they've been for years?