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5 Sons Of Former NBA Players Are Playing For The Same Teams Their Fathers Played For Right Now


It's not that often that an NBA oddity like this rolls around, but hey, what do you know, here we are.

This past weekend, the Utah Jazz signed David Stockton, a 5'11 point guard out of Gonzaga who played three games with the Sacramento Kings in 2015, to a 10-day contract. Name ring a bell? I'd sure hope so.

David just so happens to be the son of NBA legend and career assists leader John Stockton, who played his whole career with the Jazz franchise. Many Utah fans were excited with the signing, even though Stockton is only a career 2.7 PPG scorer. Regardless of his production on the court, the signing of Stockton will be sure to drum up fan support heading into the playoffs, and David will be an instant fan favorite in Utah. Other than David however, there are four other players in the NBA currently who are playing for the exact same team's their fathers played for years before them.

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Larry Nance Jr. was recently traded to the Cavs at the trade deadline, and even took up the opportunity to wear his dad's retired jersey number in his honor. Gary Payton Jr. is on the Lakers roster, the same team his father, The Glove, played for between 2003 and 2004, Jae Crowder was traded to Utah also on trade deadline, and his father, Corey Crowder, also played for the Jazz, and finally, Austin Rivers, the son of Clippers coach Doc Rivers, is playing underneath his father in LA, the same team Doc ran point for in 1991 and 1992.

Just like Joey Ramirez said, the 90's never left.