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5 Bold Predictions for the NBA All-Star Game 2017

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The All-Star game tips off tonight at 8 pm live in New Orleans on TNT! The best stars from the East take on the best stars from the West! The West were the victors last year over the East! Russell Westbrook is looking to get his 3rd consecutive MVP at this event. Will he reclaim his throne or will there be a new star to take the honor? Please, tune in later on a night where all the stars come out and are surely going to shine brightly in NOLA! In the home of the Mardi Gras, these stars come ready to set the bar.

Check 5 Bold Predictions for the 2017 All-Star Game.

1. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant


Westbrook and Kevin Durant will play on the court together and actually show great chemistry. For one night the grudge will be put behind them because this event is solely for the fans! Then, after tonight they reignite the fire in their feud as two front runners in the MVP race.

2. The Unibrow

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Anthony Davis will win the All-Star MVP because he is the host and it is time feed the Hometown guy! I expect to set a record for dunks in an All-Star game and also hit three 3 pointers! His stat line will be something like: 28 points 17 rebounds and 3 blocks (yes he’ll bring some defense to this event) proving once again why he is a great two-way player. His hometown crowd will clearly be more into the game if he is in attack mode.

3. The Extravaganza


This All-star game will be a close one as both rosters are loaded with talent! I only expect this to end with the West beating the East by a margin of 8 points! The final score should be 193-185! How is that for an offensive extravaganza? There should be a lot of offensive records broken tonight for what should go down in the history books.

4. Isaiah Thomas


Isaiah Thomas will beat the buzzer on two occasions in this game to show his clutch gene. Folks, there is a reason that they call him Mr. Fourth Quarter! He has been as clutch as they come this season. Leading the league in 4th Quarter scoring with over 10 points in that period of the game. So, in the clutch when Isaiah points to his wrist, we’ll know what time it is.

5. The Greek Freak


Giannis Antetokounmpo will get a triple double in his first start. With his averages of 23 ppg 8 rpg and 5 apg, it’s not such a crazy prediction but it is bold considering we don’t know if he’ll get the minutes needed to pull this off! However, with the talent around him, it is surely not out of the question! Once, his teammates on the east see he is onto something great and the fans are eating it up, they will work to make sure he’s involved in 90% of the plays when he is out there! It will be the duel between the Greek Freak and the Brow.


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