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2018 NBA Free-Agency: Rockets Will "Hunt" LeBron James


New Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul is having the most fun he's ever had in his long, illustrious career. While it'll be hard to find a quote on the subject, his face and attitude on the court gives it away.

He's on a team that's playing the right way, in a system that gets everybody involved, and is on a roster that is well poised to make a serious Finals run. Life is good. Bearing those facts in mind, would any superstar turn a complete blind eye toward the Rockets now?

The answer is no. Simply put, the Houston Rockets are a hot commodity right now and have all eyes glued in their direction. Consequently, they'll look to capitalize on their lucrative situation by making it even better.

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To achieve that mission, they'll look where all other teams look: Free-Agency. And according to ESPN, they know exactly who to target:

They are underdogs, maybe big ones, but Morey has long promised that he will go for it if he thinks Houston has even a 5 percent chance of winning a ring. He will hunt likely LeBron James this summer, per league sources, and hopes to sign Paul to another long-term deal. With Clint Capela and Trevor Ariza headed toward free agency, just bringing this group back could vault Houston well into the luxury tax. Tilman Fertitta, the team's new owner, has said he would pay the tax to preserve a contender.

It appears as if the Rockets are going all-in. Considering the team is already a Championship contender, adding LeBron James would likely make the team near unbeatable. With the summer quickly drawing closer, both LeBron, and the Rockets will have some serious decisions to make.