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2017 NBA Free Agency: Charlotte on Steph Curry’s Radar?


If there's one thing we’ve learned from NBA basketball, it’s that anything can happen. This might be the case yet again, after some interesting words from Curry are exciting the city of Charlotte.

In a talk with The Charlotte Observer’s Scott Fowler, Curry was asked one on one if he would consider going to Charlotte in the summer of 2017. Here was his answer:

“It’s on my radar, but it’s not on my mind as much day-to-day. I’m just trying to enjoy what this season is going to bring.”

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While those words are far from proof that Curry is leaving Golden State, it at least shows that the city is on his mind and that he’s not completely against the idea.

What makes this really juicy though, is the fact that Curry has childhood ties to the city and the team. And his father, Dell Curry? He’s currently working for the team as an analyst, ambassador, and Special projects advisor. And with Kevin Durant playing alpha male for the Warriors now, who knows…maybe Curry wants to take on another spotlight.

If this actually happens, who knows what will happen to Kemba Walker. But no doubt the Hornets would make any changes necessary to fit in the superstar.

So is Curry going to the Hornets? Probably not. I mean, he is on a fantastic team with a great organization and quality coach. Plus, they are once again on track for another potential record breaking season. But, at the very least, we can say that Charlotte is on his mind. That counts for something right?


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