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2016 Presidential Election: 4 NBA Players that would get my vote

NBA President USA

With the 2016 Presidential Election weeks away, or 7 weeks depending on who you ask, I’ve decided to select the top four current NBA players who would get my presidential vote.

Before we begin, it’s important for me to set some ground rules in order for us to not get into the technicalities of it:
I do realize that you have to be over 35 years of age to run for President in the US and I’m dismissing this because, well…this isn’t real and if you’re that upset already over this small detail, this may not be the article for you. (Thanks for stopping by, though!)
I won’t be limiting this list to players who are natural born US citizens. I love America, but this is more about the qualities a player has. Did I mention this isn’t real?
I will be considering factors such as: who could potentially be their Vice President and cabinet members. We will get into this in further details. You’ll see.

Okay, so let’s start this off.

President: LeBron James
Vice President: Dwyane Wade

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade

Reason: Let’s just get this out of the way; the most obvious choice (sorry Curry fans). He is the “King,” so technically that’s like being a “President,” right? In all seriousness, he is mentioned because the dude is a beast. 4 time MVP, 3 time Champion, 2 time Gold Olympian; the list goes on and on. He places a high importance on education and let’s not forget his recent involvement in social issues and that speech at the ESPY’s. He’d probably introduce us to a whole crew of the Banana Boat cabinet.

Easiest State to Win: Ohio – because of the championship.
Hardest State to Win: Florida – because no one likes to get ditched by the President and VP.

President: Chris Paul
Vice President: Doc Rivers

Chris Paul and Doc Rivers

Reason: So he hasn’t won a title yet. Doesn’t matter, I’m giving him this one. It’s a clear-cut choice when it comes to CP3. He already has presidential experience. Sure, it’s just the Players Association, but winning any election on any level is tough to do.

You can have great ideas, a clever slogan, and still not be selected to serve as 5th-grade class Vice President (your loss, Mountain Avenue Elementary). And I’m sure he’s picked up some presidential advice on the tee box from President Obama. His involvement with improving community, families, and education has been indisputable.

The guy tries to give back whenever he can. He was named the 2016 Sport Humanitarian of the Year, for goodness sakes. Doc as his VP, so already we know there won’t be any tension. Like Jaime Foxx said, you just can’t get mad at the guy when he’s agreeing with you the whole time.

JJ Redick as Secretary of the Treasury. His Dukeness shows in his podcast, and it is easy to see that he is interested and knowledgeable in economics and finance. Sidenote, what I would give to have a guy nicknamed “Bubs” on my staff. So, I’m already sold.

I’m sure a walk down the Staples Center hallway could lead to D’Angelo Russell being named “Head of Surveillance,” after the league, and mainly Nick Young were made aware of his abilities.

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Easiest State to Win: N. Carolina – It’s his home state; he’s got that on lock.
Hardest State to Win: California – Too much competition. Bay area won’t vote for him and the majority of people in LA have another purple and gold “party” they get behind. And I guess it doesn’t matter what both Kings fans would do with their vote.

President: Pau Gasol
Vice President: Gregg Charles Popovich

Pau Gasol and Gregg Popovich

Reason: He’s just so humble, understands how to work hard, and can continuously be seen as the guy that can bring teams together. Basketball wise, 6 time NBA All-Star, 2 time NBA Champion, and countless other awards. Off the court, he has been a consistent philanthropic “Pauwer”. Children's causes and reading in school are his main focal points. And let’s not forget or downplay the fact that he was in medical school, and will continue to focus on that after basketball.

This guy is a class act and a gem in our world. Plus, who doesn’t want a whole team of UN ambassadors? France (Parker), Australia (Mills), Argentina (Ginobili), and Spain combined. I’m sure they can find an Admiral that can stop by to help from time to time as well. Let me just leave you with the fact that Pop considered a career with the CIA at one point. And thanks to his time in LA, Pau is very familiar with World Peace.

Easiest State to Win: All of them. Who doesn’t like Pau?
Hardest State to Win: Again, who doesn’t like Pau? Most agreeable guy in the league.

President: Jeremy Lin
Vice President: Landry Fields

Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields

Reason: C’mon, that Harvard education had to have taught him something. I like to imagine a scenario that causes his VP Landry Fields to crash on the Oval Office couch until he figures out where to live. Also, sometimes Presidents have bad days and if he can come back from air balling a finger roll, that shows me strength. And after his time in Houston, he could ask James Harden to be his Secretary of Defen…ah, I tried, but I couldn’t even finish that sentence. Joking aside, Lin is very well traveled, being a symbol of an NBA journeyman, and he handled the spotlight pretty well when it came to Linsanity.

Easiest State to Win: State of Linsanity (I know it’s been four years, but there are still some true fans out there).
Hardest State to Win: New Jersey, all the Princeton people are probably tired of hearing about this Harvard guy.

Honorable Mentions:

Steph Curry – Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that the fact that he can surround himself with talented people. I just don’t want to risk him throwing a mouthpiece at anyone in the UN. Left him off the list because I feel he needs a couple more years to get that presidential look, and not just an ASB Student Council President.

Shane Battier – Regardless of who you talk to, it seems like he’s always one of the guys listed for favorite teammates.

Shane Battier

You must love this guy.

Who has got your vote? Let us know.


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