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1/3 Of The Cavs Roster Tweeted Out Arthur Pictures For Some Strange Reason After Win Against Knicks


Has LeBron James created a trend?

Last Monday, the four-time MVP posted an image of the 'Arthur Fist' -- a pretty popular meme back in 2016 that has died down in terms of relevance this year -- with the caption 'Mood...' on his Instagram, indicating LeBron was mad about something, perhaps the Cavaliers terrible start to the season.

Then, a day later, James posted a collage of pictures of him making a fist with every team he's played for in his career with the caption 'Mood Forever.... #StriveForGreatness', telling us that the meme was posted as a sign of celebration, for whatever reason considering that's definitely not what the meme is supposed to be used for.

Anyway, fast-forward a week to now, and the Cavs have moved on to 7-7 on the season after beating the Knicks in a huge comeback effort at Madison Square Garden.

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LeBron's teammates, namely Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade, Channing Frye, and Jeff Green all decided to poke some fun at James' expense, and all posted images of Arthur the Aardvark after the game.


At this stage, Arthur may as well become the Cavs' official mascot, as I haven't seen his face this much since I was a child.

In what started out as a misunderstood meme posted by LeBron, has now turned into an inside meme within the Cavaliers organization just to roast LeBron himself.