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Top 5 Worst Teams In NBA 2K18

When it comes to the NBA 2K series, games are almost always decided by the player on the sticks, as if a player is good enough, they can drag any team to a win, especially if they know who they're playing with.

Despite this, your odds of winning a one-on-one matchup against a friend or online is greatly increased if you use some of the better teams in the game, namely the Golden State Warriors or '96 Chicago Bulls. The opposite is also true. If you happen to be using one of the worst teams in the NBA, you're already putting yourself at a disadvantage, and who would want to do that?

That's why we here at Fadeaway World have formed this list of the top 5 worst teams in NBA 2K18, so you know never to go near these teams if you happen to be playing someone online.

5. Chicago Bulls


Sorry Bulls fans, but if you're planning on using Chicago in 2K18, you'd be better off choosing one of the countless Jordan teams in the game, as the current-day Bulls are a nightmare to play with.

After trading away Jimmy Butler, losing Rajon Rondo and waiving Dwyane Wade, the Bulls are left with literally no go-to talent, with 80 overall Zach LaVine being the highest rated player on the roster. Oh, he's injured? You're in luck then! 76 overall Robin Lopez is your next option.

On top of the lack of star power, there's virtually no outside shooting on this roster, with Nikola Mirotic and Lauri Markkanen the only viable threats from outside.

This isn't to say the Bulls won't be a fun team to play with once LaVine is healthy, but definitely steer clear if your plan is to win games.

4. Brooklyn Nets


Much like the Bulls -- and admittedly, the rest of the rosters on this list almost -- the Brooklyn Nets are severely lacking star power on their team. Third-year guard D'Angelo Russell is the team's highest rated player, coming in at an 80 overall, and it only gets worse from there.

The point guard position is the Nets' strongest area, with Russell starting, and players such as Jeremy Lin and Isaiah Whitehead backing him up. Other than that though, Brooklyn is an amalgamation of young swingmen, streaky shooters and unathletic big men, some of the worst things you can possess when playing with a team in 2K.

On a side note though, Nets rookie Jarrett Allen is extremely fun to play with, and is a godsend in MyTeam, playing like a cheap DeAndre Jordan.

3. New York Knicks


Compared to the teams above, the Knicks may not look that bad on paper, but after the trade that sent Carmelo Anthony to Oklahoma City, New York is hard to have a good time with in 2K18,

Fortunately, they do have Kristaps Porzingis on the roster, one of the highest rated players among the teams on this list, coming in at 86 overall. Porzingis is an extremely fun 2K player to use, as he's extremely versatile and athletic, allowing you to use him as a stretch big or as a 7'3 glass cleaner and alley-oop finisher.

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Apart from Kristaps though, the roster drops off a lot. In the Anthony trade, the Knicks received Enes Kanter who's an 80 overall, but isn't that fun to use in 2K due to his unathletic playstyle. New York also signed Tim Hardaway Jr. in the offseason, and is easily the team's second best player to use in 2K18, which is saying something.

As you go down the roster, things just get worse, as names such as Joakim Noah, Mindaugas Kuzminskas and Ron Baker start popping up.

Only play with New York if you're looking for a huge challenge and want to prove to your friends you can destroy them with one of the worst teams in the game. Added points if you don't abuse them with Porzingod.

2. Atlanta Hawks


It's another case of no star power for the Atlanta Hawks, but on an even worse level compared to the Nets and Bulls.

The Hawks highest rated player is young German point guard Dennis Schroder, who comes in as a 79 overall, which is dismal for the franchise's best player.

Apart from Schroder, Atlanta's other notable players include Marco Belinelli and Kent Bazemore, two players who can shoot it from deep. Other than that though, the Hawks roster is stuck together with unproven players in the 60's and low-70's.

At least with the above three teams, they had players that were fun to use on the court. The same can't be said for the Hawks.

1. '70-'71 Atlanta Hawks


What are the odds that two Atlanta Hawks team make the top two spots on this list?

The '70-'71 Atlanta Hawks are the worst team in 2K18. That is an undeniable fact. The above four teams can be moved around based on your opinion on each player and team, but this squad will always occupy the number one spot. Why's that?

I'll tell you why. 2K Sports have only included FIVE players from the actual 1971 Atlanta Hawks team -- Pete Maravich, Lou Hudson, Jerry Chambers, Len Chappell and Jim Davis, three of which are rated in the 60's -- the rest of the roster is made up of generic 2K created players who are terrible to play with.

Pistol Pete is literally the only saving grace for this team, and if you -- for some reason -- want to use this team, be prepared to run everything through Maravich.

If I haven't explained it clearly enough, this is how bad this team is: Maravich is rated 87, Hudson is rated 86. Then you have a gap as wide as 20 Mark Eaton's. THEN you have the rest of the roster.

Avoid this team at all costs.