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Top 10 Worst Players In NBA 2K18


With the recent release of 2K18 to the general public -- the game being out for a few solid weeks now -- gamers have had the chance to experience most of what this year's installment of the basketball sim has to offer, both the good and the bad.

Fans have praised the game's new motion and physics engine, considering 2K18's gameplay to be among the best in the series so far. On the other hand, however, the game has been ridden with many bugs and glitches, including player's MyCareer characters being deleted off official servers and VC disappearing from player's accounts. On top of this, gamers definitely aren't happy with how prominent VC is in this year's game, this writer included. Almost everything in the game costs Virtual Currency, and an arm and a leg at that.

When it comes to the good and the bad, the NBA players in 2K18 aren't spared either. For every LeBron James and Kevin Durant 90+ overall, there are numerous 60 overall players who are literal no-names within the game, even though they've made it onto an NBA roster. Sometimes, 2K doesn't even offer them the privilege of scanning their likeness into the game.

Here are the Top 10 Worst Players In NBA 2K18, as decided by overall rating.

10. Maurice Ndour - Free Agent (67 Overall)


9. Rakeem Christmas - Free Agent (66 Overall)


8. Jack Cooley - Sacramento Kings (66 Overall)

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7. Manny Harris - Free Agent (66 Overall)


6. Reggie Williams - Free Agent (66 Overall)


5. Ben Bentil - Free Agent (66 Overall)


4. Aaron Harrison - Free Agent (65 Overall)


3. R.J. Hunter - Free Agent (65 Overall)


2. Joel Anthony - Free Agent (64 Overall)


1. Justin Harper - Free Agent (64 Overall)


Is it a coincidence only one of these players is actually apart of an NBA roster? No, definitely not, but the other 9 somehow got their faces into a 2K game without being on an NBA team themselves, which is more than a lot of other people can say.