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NBA 2K All Hoodie Team

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Part of being an NBA superstar is having the media and the fans all around you and your stuff, so having privacy is something quite hard that most players look forward to but constantly struggle to get at this point.

So, with all the world constantly watching every step you take, it’s pretty normal to see people looking into some twisted and strange details and jumping into conclusions about things not even the players themselves would’ve noticed.

For instance, Carmelo Anthony has been constantly spotted during warm-ups and pickup games wearing a hoodie on a JR Smith like fashion, and apparently, he’s just in the zone when he’s all geared up with the hoodie over his head, making him “unconscious” and just impossible to contain.

And now, considering how low Carmelo has been ranked in the latest edition of NBA 2K (with just an 84 overall rating) apparently his former teammate and longtime buddy JR Smith believes that if they would’ve add “Hoodie Melo” to the game, he’d be ranked higher than LeBron James himself.

Coincidence or not, it would be quite entertaining to watch Melo Hoodie take the court and dominate the scene, so why don’t we just imagine the NBA All Hoodie squad so our fellows of 2K work on it? Let’s imagine all these guys have a 98 NBA 2K Rating and let’s put them all together on the neighborhood court.

PG: Damian Lillard - 98 Overall Rating

Damian Lillard is also constantly being spotted in hoodies, and he’s even got the whole other persona when he stops balling to pursue his career as a rapper: Dame Dolla, an MC that’s gaining some popularity over the last couple of years.

You know when Lillard gets in the zone, he just flat out balls, and there’s absolutely no way to prevent him from scoring, especially during clutch time, where his blood freezes and he becomes the ultimate killer reptile.

SG: JR Smith - 98 Overall Rating

JR Smith is one of the most streaky shooters this league has ever seen, and you know he’s not scared to the big moments or to take a huge shot, and you also know he’s always been unconscious for good or bad and that’s something nobody will ever change.

Still, when he’s on hoodie mode, every shot is a heat check, and he still manages to pull them off, even stating that he prefers to shoot when guarded instead of just pulling up with no opposition, and truth to be told his numbers are even better when he has a defender over him.

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SF: Carmelo Anthony - 99 Overall Rating

Obviously, Carmelo Anthony has to be our starting small forward there, with the all time leading scorer of Team USA being the whole centerpiece of this article and one of the most prolific shooters in the history of the NBA.

Carmelo still has a lot to give on an NBA court and even though many people think he’s just in the last passages of his career, you just can’t disrespect a guy that might as well take manners into his own hands and have a breakout season this year wherever he decides to play.

PF: LeBron James - 98 Overall Rating

If we’re talking about mentally strong athletes, you just can’t leave LeBron James aside, a guy that also features a lot of hoodies during his warmups and that’s just unstoppable when he’s locked in and focused before and during the games.

Besides, defeating LeBron two times in a row is something not much people are capable of, as he tends to go off the roofs after a bad game, and his physical and strong presence make him a prime hoodie target for our squad.

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C: Hassan Whiteside - 98 Overall Rating

And last but not least, we got a guy that was actually keen to improve his NBA 2K rating after taking the league for assault with the Miami Heat a couple of years ago when he decided to come back from China after a very unsuccessful stint with the Sacramento Kings.

Whiteside is a dominant and strong player with that thug attitude that’ll make him fit right away in our hoodie squad, and it’s pretty safe to say that he succeeded in his desire to improve his ranking, becoming one of the best rim protectors in the Association nowadays.