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Mia Khalifa Offers Ronnie 2K 'Favors' In Hopes Of Boosting John Wall's 2K18 Rating


It may be a bit of an unknown fact, but former porn star Mia Khalifa is a rabid sports fan, supporting her hometown Washington teams in almost every sports dicipline in American, from the Washington Redskins to the Washington Wizards.

Being a diehard Wizards' fan, she, along with All-Star point guard John Wall, was unsatisfied with the rating 2K Sports gave Wall, a 90 overall if any of you were wondering.

Deciding to do her part for the team she supports, she sent out some tweets to 2K Community Manager Ronnie 2K, asking Ronnie for a game of HORSE to raise Wall's rating to a 93.

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When her first attempt failed, she went to extreme lengths to try and get 2K to change the ratings.

As you can see, Mr. Ronnie 2K takes his job very seriously if he's willing to brush away an offer like that from Mia Khalifa just to keep John Wall's rating pure.