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Lowest Rated Players Ever In NBA 2K History


When it comes to video games and sports, the two are intrinsically connected through the yearly releases video game developers put out every year for their given sport.

Most athletes -- and especially NBA athletes -- are major fans of these games and are extremely protective of their overall rating in the game. So much so in fact, those players will do whatever they can to get it raised in-game, from befriending some of the members of the development team, to actively tweeting out community managers to raise their overall (Hassan Whiteside anyone?)

So that's why, when a player is rated among the worst players in the game for that given year, it cannot be a fun experience. Alas, there has to be a player that is the worst in the game, and even if they were rated 94 overall but everyone else was rated 95 and above, they'd still take offense.

Join us as we count down some of the lowest rated players ever in NBA 2K history, thanks to Twister Kaiba on YouTube.

NBA 2K: Gerald Brown & Andrae Patterson

Gerald Brown

NBA 2K1: Jeff Foster & Andrae Patterson

NBA 2K1 Jeff Foster

NBA 2K2: Andrae Patterson

andrae patterson

NBA 2K3: Travis Knight & Bruno Sundov

travis knight

NBA 2K4: Travis Knight & Bruno Sundov

travis and bruno 2k4

NBA 2K5: Bruno Sundov

bruno sundov 2k5

NBA 2K6: Jamison Brewer

jamison brever
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NBA 2K7: John Edwards & Rafael Araujo

john edwards

NBA 2K8: Justin Williams, D.J. Mbenga & Jerome James

ustin williams

NBA 2K9: Jarron Collins

jarron collins

NBA2K10: Alexis Ajinca & Jerome James

2k10 a

NBA 2K11: Alexis Ajinca

2k11 a

NBA 2K12: Byron Mullens & Brian Scalabrine

2k12 b

NBA 2K13: Jason Collins & Hamed Haddadi

2k 13 j

NBA 2K14: Rudy Gobert

2k14 r

NBA 2K15: Bruno Caboclo

2k15 b

NBA 2K16: Duje Dukan

2k16 d

NBA 2K17: Aaron Harrison, R.J. Hunter & Luis Montero

2k17 aa

NBA 2K18: Luis Montero

2k18 luis