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Lonzo Ball Will Wear Nike's, Not BBB Shoes in NBA 2K18


The rise of Lonzo Ball, LaVar Ball, and Big Baller Brand has been nothing short of unheard of in the world of professional sports.

Since when has a top 2 prospect, his father, and their homemade shoe brand ever dominated sporting headlines over the game's biggest stars. The answer you're looking for is never.

But in news that may anger Mr. LaVar Ball, Lonzo's signature Big Baller Brand shoe, the ZO2's, may have been omitted from the next installment in the NBA 2K series, 2K18.

In a photo posted on Twitter by 

Lonzo Ball in NBA 2K18

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— Steve Noah (@Steve_OS) August 8, 2017

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Steve Noah of OperationsSports, Ball’s character isn’t sporting a Big Baller Brand pair. Instead, his feet are covered with Nike branded footwear:

On closer inspection, Ball is indeed wearing a pair of Kobes.


I guess this was the easiest and safest move for 2K Sports, who maybe didn't want to go through the effort of creating an entirely new shoe from scratch in the game when it is still unknown whether or not Lonzo will actually be suiting up in a pair of ZO2's come opening night.

Who knows? There's always the possibility 2K later release the shoe as DLC if Ball does actually decide to play in some triple B's.

NBA 2K18 is due to be released September 19th.