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Every Single 2K18 Player Rating Released So Far

The 2K18 hype train has well and truly left the station, as 2K Sports has begun to release player rating pictures on their way to the September 19 release date.

14 player's ratings have been released thus far, including NBA champions Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, and number 1 and 2 overall picks in this year's draft, Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball.

Fultz and Ball are the highest rated rookies in recent years and the first two rookies to have ratings in the 80's simultaneously at release. Embiid has seen the biggest jump in rating from last year’s release.

Fans are still itching to see the ratings of players such as LeBron James and reigning MVP Russell Westbrook, who will most likely be the only players, along with James Harden, to have a higher overall than KD.

Regardless, here is every single 2K18 player rating released up to this point.

Kevin Durant: 96 (+3) and Steph Curry: 94 (+0)


Karl-Anthony Towns: 91 (+3)

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Paul George: 91 (+1) and Kyrie Irving: 90 (+1)

Isaiah Thomas: 89 (+4) and Joel Embiid: 86 (+9)

Dwight Howard: 81 (-3)


D’Angelo Russell: 80 (+1), Devin Booker: 86 (+8) and DeMar DeRozan: 89 (+2)

Markell Fultz: 80 (NA) and Lonzo Ball: 80 (NA)


Nick Young: 74 (+0)


Update: John Wall 90 (+2)

John Wall NBA 2k rating