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5 Players That Urgently Need A 2K Rating Upgrade


There's only a week until opening night in the NBA, and that means one thing for us 2K fans. Rating updates.

With the NBA preseason slowly coming to a close, we've had the opportunity to see how most of the league's players are looking performance-wise before the regular season officially starts, and there are definitely a few players who have proven that they deserve more than that 72 overall in 2K18 judging by their play in the past few weeks.

2K Sports should make it a priority to update these player's ratings as soon as possible before opening night.

5. Carmelo Anthony


Since his move from the New York Knicks to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Carmelo Anthony has become a happier player now that he has a few All-Star players beside him, and it shows in his preseason performances. In only 21.1 minutes of game time, Melo is averaging a respectable 15.8 points and 6.5 rebounds a game, which bodes well for the regular season once he is playing over 30 minutes a game. Having said that, Anthony could use an increase in his lowly 84 overall rating, which was underrated to begin with while Melo was still on the Knicks.

4. Tim Hardaway Jr.


Speaking of the New York Knicks, another player that could use a small increase to his 80 overall is Tim Hardaway Jr.

Hardaway was one of the Knicks' offseason signings, and has proven to be a valuable piece in their efforts to start adding younger players to the roster in an attempt to rebuild. Hardaway is averaging 16.5 points off 48/41/80 shooting splits across four games this preseason, and is also nifty on the defensive end, averaging 2 steals a contest these past two weeks.

Anything more than a one or two point increase would be a bit overkill, but Tim has definitely proven he's matured as a player since his last time in the Big Apple.

3. Ish Smith

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Ish Smith has been killing it for this Pistons this preseason, among the league leaders in assists, only trailing the Houston duo of Harden and Paul in the passing department.

Smith is currently averaging 15.2 points and 8 assists a game in 27 minutes a game for Detroit, proving to be a highly efficient scorer, shooting 57% from the field.

The point guard is also outperforming his starting counterpart Reggie Jackson, who in 22 minutes a game for the Pistons is averaging 10 points and 5 dimes a game off an ugly 39% from the field.

Considering the fact that Smith is rated a 74 in 2K18 and Jackson is rated a 77, Smith should at least be on par with Reggie heading into the regular season, as he may even have a chance to steal the starting spot from him.

2. Justin Holiday

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Surprisingly, Justin Holiday has been one of the only bright spots for a Chicago Bulls team that is dreading the upcoming season.

Holiday has easily been the Bulls' best performer this preseason, as across 4 games -- one of them coming against the stacked Cavaliers -- he is averaging 19 points and 5.2 rebounds a game, and is shooting 48% from deep on 7 attempts a game.

Justin is only rated a 74 as of right now in 2K18, but if he can keep up these types of performances during the first week or two of the regular season, he definitely deserves an overall increase.

1. Kyle Kuzma


Could it be anyone else?

Kyle Kuzma is being heralded as the steal of this year's draft before the season has even started due to his play this preseason for the Los Angeles Lakers, as the former Utah Ute has easily been the Lakers best player these past few weeks.

Kuzma is among the top scorers this preseason, averaging 19.2 points a game off 56% shooting from the field, unbelievable efficiency. His defense, rebounding and outside scoring leave a lot to be desired -- 0.8 steals a game, 4.0 rebounds a game, and shooting 29% from deep this preseason -- but his surprising scoring numbers alone is enough reason to raise King Kyle's overall from the lowly 72 he was given when he was drafted 27th overall by the Lakers.