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2K Have Revealed A Never-Before-Seen Feature For 2K18 Which Has Everyone Excited


2K Sports' newest installment is shaping up to be one of best ever judging by the already-announced new features we'll be getting in 2K18 when it hits shelves in September.

2K have already massively revamped the MyGM and MyLeague modes, have improved the graphics substantially, and the newest feature they just announced is sure to blow you away.

On Friday, 2K announced, alongside 16 new classic NBA teams, they will be adding All-Time teams for all 30 franchises in the NBA. That's right, all 30 teams will have the best players in their team's history all on the one roster to go up against each other.

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This is sure to be huge news for the older basketball fans, who now don't have to rely on other gamers to create All-Time rosters for them to use.

Gamers will now be able to put the likes of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Shaq, Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor and Pau Gasol up against the best players from the Bulls, Knicks, Magic and of course, the Celtics.

This new addition now raises the question though - will longtime no-shows in 2K games, Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller, now appear on the Phoenix Suns and Indiana Pacers' All-Time teams? It'd be very disappointing if that wasn't the case, as both of those men are the best players in their respective team's histories, and not including them in an All-Time roster definitely wouldn't feel right.