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Worst 10 NBA Teams In The Last 10 Years

Worst 10 NBA Teams In The Last 10 Years

Major competitive sports always have things to tell and the NBA, although it has seen plenty of records being broken in the past years, has seen others that don’t make their owners proud.

A couple of years ago, Golden State Warriors made history by winning 73 games in the regular season, breaking the record of the Chicago Bulls that lasted 20 years, but just like Golden State broke a “good” record, there are others that every sports team wants to avoid at any cost.

Of course, tanking makes this kind of difficult, as teams wouldn’t even mind to make a fool out of themselves and have terrible records just to land some of the best prospects in the world to bring their franchises back from the ashes.

Nonetheless, there have been some teams that have been some incredibly horrendous that they shouldn’t even be allowed to compete anymore and just forfait, completely embarrassing themselves. Today, we’re going to let you know about some of the worst teams this game has ever seen.

10. 2016/17 Brooklyn Nets (20-62)

This past season wasn’t exactly the best one for Brooklyn Nets. They struggled all the year to find a good shape and compete in the Eastern Conference. Still suffering from its past mistakes, Brooklyn will have to wait before coming back to the top, as their present looks nothing, but awful.

Brooklyn even struggled to find a reliable starting five, which didn’t help them, either and they couldn’t even keep their 1st overall pick after that terrible campaign. Now they are counting on some good players, led by D’Angelo Russell, expecting to improve this season. Following past season full of wandering, without a clear figure, this might be the beginning of new things for Nets, but we can’t be that sure about it.

9. 2012/13 Orlando Magic (20-62)

After Dwight Howard’s departure, everything around the Orlando Magic fell apart. The team didn’t show the same face we were used to seeing from them and that marked the entire season for the squad.

Howard joining the Lakers after demanding a more competitive team and the release of Stan Van Gundy was a big hit for the franchise and the fans, which were left without their maximum figure and with more doubts than certainties. That season was the beginning of the rebuilding process for Orlando Magic, a process that has last over four years and hasn’t shown any results.

8. 2010/11 Cleveland Cavaliers (19-63)

If Dwight Howard leaving Orlando was tragic, imagine what LeBron’s departure meant for Cleveland fans. LeBron left the team and the results instantly showed up. After several seasons being one of the recurrent teams in playoffs, they barely won 19 games against 63 losses, including that awful one against Lakers for 112-57.

Cleveland lost 26 consecutive games during that season while LeBron James was thriving at Miami with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. If you want to know or understand the real impact of LeBron James on any team, you must look at Cleveland seasons with and without him.

7. 2008/09 Sacramento Kings (17-65)

After reaching the Western Conference Finals, the Sacramento Kings were never able to do the same things and following that season they struggled to relive the old glories. Back in 2008, when they traded Mike Bibby, Ron Artest and many more, they didn’t have any good player to carry on the team.

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Winning only 17 games –and breaking the record of the slowest winning percentage in a season-, the Kings were just a bad team wishing the season to be ended. They fired their coach at that moment after losing 16 games in a row, but it didn’t change anything. Following this they had several chances to build a competitive team, but they missed all of them.

6. 2014/15 Minnesota Timberwolves (16-66)

Before being one of the most exciting and promising teams in the entire NBA, the Minnesota Timberwolves was a team that struggled constantly to at least have a decent record. Back in 2014, they received two players selected as first overall picks in their respective drafts, Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett from Cleveland Cavaliers.

Well, this season they managed to win 16 games led by a young squad in which was the beginning of a new era in Minnesota. Wiggins’ development meant everything for the T-Wolves and even though it was a terrible season, it meant the starting of the good things Minnesota has at this moment.

5. 2013/14 Milwaukee Bucks (15-67)

This is a similar case to Minnesota’s. Although Milwaukee came from a good season, even reaching the playoffs, in 2013 they had an awful season, but from evil came good. They were able to pick Jabari Parker in the following draft and alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks started their rebuilding process.

If you look at Milwaukee now, it looks like a totally different team, where you can find talent, teamwork and great coaching. There is no doubt that this served a lot for the Bucks, as this is sawed as the beginning of the promising team Milwaukee is today.

4. 2007/08 Miami Heat (15-67)

A couple of seasons after defeating Dallas in the finals, Miami Heat decreased its level in a big way. Although they had Shaquille O’Neal in their ranks, Dwyane Wade and Alonzo Mourning, the 2007/08 season wasn't good for them. Starting from the injury of Mourning, the trade of Shaq and the mistakes they made in the draft, the season didn’t look good for Miami.

They won 15 games barely, tying their worst record ever. However, this season helped them to keep Wade playing for them, adding later the two pieces of their famous big three, Chris Bosh and LeBron James. Miami knew how to change and overcome this situation and it definitely paid off for them.

3. 2009/10 New Jersey Nets (10-72)

It looks like the Nets are a team used to have poor seasons. Back in 2009 they started the campaign with 16 consecutive losses, something they would get used to during that year. After trading Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson and others, they were left with just a bunch of regular players without an outstanding game and we could witness that along this season.

They won 10 games during that season, being one of the worst records ever in the history of the game. Not even moving to Brooklyn helped them to overcome the bad seasons, as they are now struggling to have a good season, but the front office’s decisions only made the situation worse.

2. 2015/16 Philadelphia 76ers (10-72)

Just like the Bucks and the Wolves, the Sixers have one of the best young teams at this moment. They have assembled a team with great players ready to take over the NBA and this season we are very likely to start seeing that. However, when they first started building this good squad, the seasons were terrible for them.

Mostly thanks to injuries, they have missed several chances to put together all their figures. In 2015, when the project was freshly started, they only won 10 games, but those 10 games gave them the chance to have the first pick of the next draft, where they drafted the soon-to-be maximum figure of basketball, Ben Simmons.

1. 2011/12 Charlotte Bobcats (7-59)

The lockout season gave us the worst record in NBA history. Charlotte Bobcats were able to win the poor number of seven games. It is true that Bobcats never was a competitive team, but this was very shocking. They traded both Shaun Livingston and Stephen Jackson to the Bucks for Corey Maggette, a crazy move seeing the things Livingston is capable of doing right now.

Nevertheless, they drafted Kemba Walker, one of the best PGs in the game right now, and Bismack Biyombo, a very decent defensive big man that plays at Orlando right now. Charlotte not only had a horrible record but also suffered terrible losses during that season. Now things are better for them, but they will always remember that season in which they reached the worst winning percentage ever in the history of the NBA.