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Why The Lakers’ Season Will Turn Around

Why The Lakers’ Season Will Turn Around

After acquiring Russell Westbrook via trade from the Washington Wizards, NBA fans and experts have stated time and time again that the Purple and Gold will never utilize Westbrook’s skill sets.

Due to playing with two other ball-dominant players of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Westbrook may want to sacrifice his touches to see success in the postseason.

The Westbrook problem unfortunately came so early in the season. This was evident during the first game against the Warriors after falling short of the victory despite James and Davis scoring 30 plus points each.

James has an amazing track record of getting the team back up to stardom and be successful as the playoffs begin. It should come as no surprise that the Lakers will find a way to get back running as usual again and be the prime contenders of the league as they were projected to be. Whether you’re a basketball fan or an esports tournaments enthusiast, tune in to sports news sites to get updates on the NBA.

Russell Westbrook Turning On The Switch Later

In all of Westbrook’s teams during his career as the lone ranger, he has figured out how to push his teams to long streaks where he edges them to at least the 6th-8th seed.

However, Westbrook has LeBron and Davis by his side. While he struggles in the early parts of the season which is apparent from the get-go, he can definitely improve later down the line. It would help the Lakers get past the Western Conference and have a playoff run for the ages.

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LeBron James Isn’t Showing Signs Of Aging

As LeBron approaches his 37th year and is currently in his 19th season, you would think that he will have a significant decline in his stats and athletic prowess. Instead, he is averaging 26 points a game with the same rebounds and assists as he had the previous season.

The better news for Lakers fans is that LeBron is also averaging 30 plus points per game in the last 7 games which put the Lakers slowly on top of the standings where they currently sit at the 6th seed.

Doubting LeBron has proved to be an unwise move. With his incredible stat line and offensive game, there’s no saying when he’ll officially decline in terms of his quality of play and athletic ability after dunking and blocking all over the place.

What The Lakers Have To Look Out For This Season

The Lakers’ biggest flaw is their defense, which is surprising considering that they have been incredible on the defensive end of the floor for the past two seasons since the Anthony Davis trade.

Part of the reason for their lackluster defense is the average age of their roster which exceeds 30 years old. Older players tend to be lax in the defensive end of the court where they daze off and only show spurts of effort defensively.

If the Lakers can somehow turn this number and increase their defensive efficiency, then we could potentially be seeing a different Lakers team that the league should take notice of when they find their strides again.

This NBA season has a lot in store for fans, even for those who are tuning into the latest esports tournaments. Don't miss out on the latest updates from the league.