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Why The Kyrie Irving Trade Request Is Huge Conspiracy Involving Melo And LeBron


Kyrie Irving rocked the NBA universe on Friday when it was reported that Uncle Drew had requested a trade from Cleveland to get away from LeBron James.

Irving feels as though he has had enough of playing second fiddle to James, and wants a fresh start on a team where he can be the focal point on offense.

Kyrie would be leaving a sure-fire Finals team and arguably a top 3 player ever, just so he can be the number one option on another team, even though he leads the Cavaliers in usage percentage.


But what if I told you the entire report that Kyrie wants to be traded is completely false?

That's right. I believe this whole rumor has a possibility that it is 100% fake, and has been made up by LeBron and Kyrie to help one of their friends.

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Let me explain my reasoning.

Earlier in the offseason, Carmelo Anthony was rumored to be traded to either the Cavs or the Rockets after a falling out with the New York Knicks' front office. As we all know, LeBron James and Melo are extremely close, sharing holidays with each other during the offseason as well as being drafted in the same draft class.

After the Kyrie Irving rumor got out, he announced the four teams he'd like to be traded to: San Antonio, Minnesota, Miami and, you guessed it, New York.


My theory, and just listen for a moment, is that Anthony has gone to LeBron and said "Hey man, I REALLY want to get out of New York soon. I know you guys have a really good thing going on here, and I'd love to be a part of that, but your front office would have to give up way too much for me, and Houston is looking really good at the moment with James and Chris. I just don't know if the Knicks are gonna pull the trigger to trade me, you feel?"

LeBron then goes "I got you man, don't worry about a thing." He then consults Kyrie, and tells him he's trying to help Carmelo get out of New York. They both concoct a false story indicating Kyrie wants out and that New York is a preferred destination. Houston sees this and realizes that Carmelo could be traded to the Cavs for Kyrie very shortly. The Rockets panic, and try everything and anything to land Carmelo before Cleveland snatches him up, when in reality, Kyrie doesn't want to leave at all.

Sure, that theory may be a little on the extreme side, but it's entirely possible, isn't it? No one in the Cavs organization is going to tell LeBron he can't do something, and the fact that Kyrie wants out of a championship team just because he plays second fiddle to LeBron, who has help Kyrie's career tenfold since he returned, is honestly ludicrous.

If Melo does end up getting traded to Houston in the coming days, and Kyrie doesn't go anywhere, I can say I told you so.