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Where is Al Horford going?


Dwight Howard has reached an agreement on a three-year, $70.5 million with the Atlanta Hawks!

So, it’s official, after nine seasons, Al Horford will leave A-Town! Who will coax Horford to come to their city?

Al Horford was drafted 2007 as the 3rd pick by Atlanta Hawks! Since his first season, his numbers are very constant and he is known as a pretty good constant player.

He is a center, who he can pass a ball really good what means that he will be an excellent piece in fast-moving-ball teams like San Antonio or Golden State.

So I present you a top 3 destinations where "The Dominican Stallion" can end up this summer.

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics are a team with great individuals, an excellent coach and pretty huge gap in a salary cap. They have almost $70M free space in the cap.

So, they are suitable to give Al a maximum contract. Also, I think that they will bring Horford in their roster and after that, they will chase Kevin Durant.

With Horford's signing, they will have an amazing player in the front court and will also prove KD that they are very serious about winning a championship.

Oklahoma City Thunder

They are looking these days to trade Enes Kanter so they will get rid of his, not small, $18M per year contract and have a space to sign together Durant and Horford.

The Same story is with OKC, as with the Celtics. They want title soon and they can only do that with Durant in their team. Also to convince Durant to sign a new deal with Thunder they need to bring great guys around him, to give him a great team, eligible to win a championship.

If they trade Kanter there will be a great chance for them to sign Horford. They gave Kanter this high contract and with his trade, they will correct their mistake because it's clear that Enes is not worth this money.

Also, they will get an improvement in the frontcourt and be a championship contender immediately!

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Golden State Warriors

They are known as a great 3-point shooting team and also known for their small ball roster. Everything functioned great before this year’s WCF and NBA Finals.

We saw how many space Adams, Thompson, and LeBron had in the Golden State's paint. So, they need to find a solution.

Andrew Bogut is an injury prone player and not a player that you can lean on. Also other big guys in this team(Ezeli, Speights, Varejao) are not an All-Star quality!

Horford is!

We saw it many times last years! If GSW trade Bogut and sign Al that will be a huge improvement for this team.

Center who is very movable will be a perfect fit for Warriors. Also, his passing skills will be a thing that will make Golden State a top contender for next year championship.

Houston Rockets

After Dwight Howard opted out a contract with Rockets, everyone was thinking who can be a replacement for Superman.

Houston is very dependent of James Harden as their main point guard, so the arrival of Horford will be amazing for James and for the Rockets. They will have one more option in attack and ball will be less in Harden's hands. Plus Horford will fit perfectly into Houston's fast transitions and their shooting 3s tactics.

Houston is also negotiating with Kent Bazemore and Ryan Anderson, so the arrival of some of those names + Horford will be an improvement for them.

This is a very tough summer for this franchise, but with one right move they can make this summer a good period.

The Conclusion

After so much overpaying players yesterday, if you think of a player, who is a free agent this summer and worth a maximum contract you will definitely think of Al Horford!

There are also other teams like Portland and Indiana who can afford Horford, but their odds are lower than odds of teams I mentioned earlier.

The team who signs Horford will get a great passer and one underrated defender, who has very high IQ and great pick&roll defensive skills! My last message for GMs:
"Don’t spare money on Al!"