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What does Ingram mean to La Lakers?

Los Angeles Lakers with first round’s second pick this year’s Draft selected Brandon Ingram. In this article, we will analyse what does Ingram really mean to LA Lakers.

Ingram is a versatile offensive player. He can score off a dribble or a perimeter. Also, he has significant potential as a shot-creator as well, as he's an impressive ball-handler at his size, showing terrific footwork and big, rangy strides attacking off the dribble.

He mixes in jab-steps, shot-fakes, crossovers and hesitation moves to create space off the bounce, as the threat of his jumper means he needs to be respected at all times from the perimeter. He can create points and he perfectly fits Lakers, because they have a hole on SF position.

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He is a better solution than Simmons for Lakers at the moment because Simmons needs to have a ball in his hands and needs to run the offence to be most effective and that will reduce D’Angelo’s role. Ingram is an amazing potential, future superstar and youngest player from college, turning 19 on 19th September.

Ingram is a hard-working guy who never leaves the gym. He trains hard and as he continues to add strength he will be unstoppable isolation machine, too big for wings and too skilled for power forwards. Many people compare him to Kevin Durant. And to be honest there are many similarities between these two athletic SFs.

Can you remember 2007 Draft? That is the year when Durant came into NBA. He was selected as 2nd pick. No, I am not thinking about that coincidence. Remember how skinny Durant was. Brandon Ingram is skinnier than that. So, LAL fans don’t lose hope about Ingram’s defence. He needs to add muscles and with his long arms and big hands that will be an excellent combination for good defence.

What is the situation in Lakers? They have a big gap in the salary cap. They will chase all superstars. Durant? Not really. DeRozan? That can be possible, but I think that they need front court help and that they will chase Whiteside, Drummond, Howard, Jefferson, Noah and many other big men who are free this summer. This will be very interesting summer, so we can’t wait for 1st July!