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What a season for the Boston Celtics!

Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Before this season started, many predicted that this team will be the 8th seed team. This team proves all NBA fans that they can have a 48 win season without having a superstar in their roster.

This young Boston' team played with the heart and hustle throughout this season with the great coaching of Brad Stevens.

From 40-42 last season to 48-34 this season, Boston couldn't be happier with this team battle through ups and downs with injuries and the lack of a true superstar.

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They found ways not only to compete but to win games that people thought that Celtics wouldn't.

Boston Celtics have a bright future and this season show us - to never count out the green.

The Hawks were the better and more experienced team in the series against Boston Celtics and they deserved to play in the 2nd Round versus LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers.

It will be a huge upcoming offseason for the Celtics. They have a legit chance on having the 1st overall pick in the Draft (Brooklyn's 1st round pick) and they have a legit chance on signing Kevin Durant to play for their team.

I think Boston fans are really proud what their team has done with this season.