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Top Five Players Out For Revenge This Season


Revenge is a powerful force.

It motivates, it changes, it destroys, and it restores. When someone is out for revenge, it often drives them to become the best of themselves.

In the NBA, revenge is no stranger to the players that allow it to take over. Many times, players are disgraced and disrespected in unfair ways. For these five NBA stars, that's the reality they face heading into the new season. If they want to restore their honor and exact revenge on those who disregard their name, they'll have to elevate their talent to new levels, levels that very few get the privilege to witness.

Derrick Rose


Derrick Rose, in an attempt to start fresh, is claiming that he's done playing "revenge" basketball. He says he's out of the dark place and wants to play without a chip on his shoulder.

But let's be honest here: Rose is never going to forget the jokes. He's never going to forget that laughter, he's never going to forget the disrespect. Not only is R-Rose playing for his future, he's playing to restore his lost legacy.

On Cleveland, the former MVP will come off the bench (when Isaiah Thomas returns) while making just 2 million dollars a year. This guy has hit rock bottom. Who wouldn't want to play his way out of that?

Kevin Durant


Even with a Ring and a Finals MVP, can Kevin Durant ever shed the hate?

His move to Golden State is one he probably doesn't regret, but that doesn't mean it hasn't hit him hard.

Judging by all the social media antics and his defensive attitude, KD doesn't handle hate and controversy very well. And, judging by the behavior of the public, people like to hate on Durant quite a bit. With that said

With that said, his quest for revenge and redemption may not be over. This season, the Durantula could seek to cement his legacy ad shut up the haters once and for all, by showing the world that the Warriors are still the top-dogs.

Isaiah Thomas

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Isaiah Thomas had a special connection to Boston. He wasn't there for too long, but he called the place home during his tenure there. He gave his all to the city.

But the city betrayed him.

Despite giving his heart to the Celtics, they traded him away to make room for his replacement, Kyrie Irving. They spit in his face, ultimately giving up on Thomas before he really had a chance to make his mark. In Cleveland, his role will be diminished, but he can still make an impact.

It's up to him to make the Celtic regret ever dealing him.

Dwight Howard


The list of people on Howard's revenge list is long:

Kobe, Harden, the Rockets, the Hawks, the Lakers, and all the fans who continuously call Dwight Howard and his game a joke.

All throughout his fantastic career, teams, and people have blamed him for their problems while giving up on him before allowing for a chance to fix it. In Charlotte, it could be Howard's last chance he still belongs in the league.

Word is, he's pissed. He's been in the gym, working, all summer long. If he can re-find his prowess, the NBA should be very scared of Dwight Howard's quest for revenge.

Damian Lillard


Even in a stacked Western Conference, a guy who scores 27 points per game should be in the All-Star game.

How is it that nobody talks about him? How is it that he never gets credit for all that he does on the Trail Blazers?

When you think about revenge stories, that's been the case with Damian Lillard's entire career. He hasn't got a great team around him, yet he always seems to keep the Blazers swimming in relevancy. The guy ever get's the attention he deserves.

He will be angry... and he'll play like it. Let's just hope that this time around, he'll get some of the recognition he needs.