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Top 7 Things That We Want To Happen In The 2018 NBA All-Star Game

Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

The All-Star game is right around the corner and with all the players that are set to represent their squads there, we just can’t help but imagine all the things that may happen during the festivities.

We all know some players are actually pretty good friends, but others don’t care much for each other, and that’s one of the things that’s going to make it interesting this year with players representing their squad but not playing for their respective Conference, allowing conference rivals to go at each other.

Well, even though this is a friendly matchup and we wouldn’t expect things to get extremely verbal or physical, it’s still interesting to wonder what would make a game that has lost a lot of competitiveness it’s old groove back, and that’s why today we’re going to let you know about the top 7 things we would love to see happen during this All-Star Game.

7. Klay Thompson Missed 360 Dunk

Klay Thompson has made a living out of his great sharp shooting and ability to guard the perimeter, but when it comes to his athletic skills, well, he’s pretty much stiff and unable to actually take off and jump.

As a matter of fact, he’s already been taped missing easy dunks on scrimmage games and exhibitions, so it would just be hilarious to see him try and miss a wide open 360 dunk on the breakaway.

6. Kevin Durant Blocks Draymond Green

Draymond Green is always one of the frontrunners to win the Defensive Player of the Year Award, but this season everybody’s talking about Kevin Durant’s surgeon defense and rim protection and are even putting him in the conversation.

So, now that KD and Draymond are set to face each other as rivals once again, it would be just delightful to watch Durant swat away one of Green’s shots, reminding him why he’s now the team leader in that regard.

5. Russell Westbrook Dunking On Curry, Then Curry Crossing Him Badly

We don’t think there’s any bad blood between these two, but you just know Russell Westbrook madly despises the Golden State Warriors and also loves posterizing people, so we would love to watch him take off from the free throw line and just throw Curry on the hardwood.

Curry is a pretty cool and quiet dude, but he’s no fool and wouldn’t hesitate to get revenge on the very next possession, crossing Westbrook in the most embarrassing of ways with his crafty behind the back - between the legs dribbles, breaking his ankles and making him also feel the hardwood.

4. 2OT With Highest Scoring Game Ever

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We all know there’s absolutely no defense in the All-Star game nowadays, so why don’t we just flat out sit down and enjoy a deadly shootout? It would make things way more interesting for everybody.

So, what we want to see happen in this game is yet another high score record, with this one going down to the wire with a double-overtime matchup that ends 182 to 192, thrashing the previous record of 374 combined points from last year.

3. Stephen Curry To Hit 10 Three Pointers

If anybody’s capable of easily knocking down 10 three-pointers (and even do it without a miss), that’s Stephen Curry, the greatest three-point shooter this beautiful game has ever seen set foot on a court.

Also, that would mean Curry would have put his name in yet another three-point shooting related record, as the previous record for threes made on an All-Star game was set by Paul George in 2016 when he netted 9 makes from beyond the arc.

2. Joel Embiid Pump Faking Andre Drummond, Then Drummond Posterizing Him

Joel Embiid is a major savage and troll, and even though that has made him earn the love of the fans, he’s had to go through some feuds to get there, and Andre Drummond is definitely not a fan of his constant bashing and trash talking.

The two young studs have been quite harsh while referring to each other, so it would be awesome to see Joel embarrass him with his crafty pump fakes and getting the and-1, and then Drummond getting the final laugh with an emphatic dunk making the most of his physique and athleticism.

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1. Giannis Antetokounmpo Dribbling From Coast To Coast

If you’re going to watch this game, you know you’ve got to keep an eye on Giannis Antetokounmpo on every single possession, as the young Buck is a human highlight reel made for this kind of events.

What we want to see the most during this matchup is Giannis getting the board, then going coast to coast, dribbling behind his back and getting to the rim in the blink of an eye to finish with one of those good old Greek Freak dunks that knock thousands of fans off their feet.