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Top 7 Best Fast Break Players In The NBA

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You gotta be fast if you want to succeed in the most fast paced and up tempo sport there is, and if you’re playing in the NBA you just can’t miss a beat and have to be constantly looking to make the most of every single chance you have to score.

Winning the fast break points battle is key to win games in the Association, as they provide you the best chance to score before the opposing defense has a chance to set up or even guard you at all, and considering how fast the game is right now, taking advantage of this can create huge leads to enter the latest passages of the game with some comfort.

And even if some teams are fast break specialist, they wouldn’t be half as good if it wasn’t for their speedy stars that are lethal with the rock in their hands, and today we’ll let you know the top 7 guys that just can’t be stopped in the fast break.

7. Stephen Curry

Curry is just as deadly as they come when it comes to fast break offense, as he’s got the quickest release this game has ever seen and has the ability to pull up from distance or take it to the rim and score in a vast variety of layups or floaters.

On top of that, he’s an underrated playmaker and enjoys to finish plays on a flashy matter, so he’d rather pass the ball to a trailing teammate for an alley oop to make things even more humiliating for his rivals, being a huge threat when they’re lopsided on defense.

6. James Harden

It’s been years now since James Harden has become one of the most dreadful offensive players in the Association, but now that he’s also thrived as a playmaker, he’s become even more terrifying in fast break situations due to his outstanding playmaking ability.

Besides, his ability to draw contact and constantly go to the line make him virtually unguardable, and he's used to even shoot more free throws than attempt field goals, being a huge nightmare when it comes to try and prevent him from scoring on the fast break.

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the most incredibly built athletes in the world right now with that sick wingspan and his branch-like extremities, being able to run the entire court in a heartbeat with those huge leaps he takes on every step.

He’s also improved his ball carrying abilities and his quite careful not to charge opponents despite his phrenetic pace, and even though he’s not much of a shooter at this point, he’s an elite pick and pop player in fast break situations, constantly looking to set his teammates up.

4. Kevin Durant

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Just like Antetokounmpo, Durant’s body makes him virtually unstoppable on fast break situations, running the floor in one or two huge leaps and being perhaps the most versatile offensive player in the league right now, so he can score in dozens of manners.

Besides, he’s a very good playmaker and just like Curry, he can pull up from distance on a heart beat, and the combination of both is why Golden State’s offense is so freakily deadly, owning 4 shooters that can all put the ball on the floor.

3. John Wall

Wall is the fastest player in the NBA and when he decides to take off, there’s simply no catching up with him, constantly attacking the rim making the most of his terrific speed to knock his rivals off their feet before they can catch a break.

Besides, he’s one of the best point guards in the Association, and his court vision and awareness are just off the roofs, as well as his handles and passing skills, so you just can’t double him or he’ll find an open buddy to make you pay for it.

2. Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook should probably at the top of every list, as he’s become one of the most complete players in the Association in both ends of the court, dominating every single aspect of the game as Oklahoma City’s go - to - guy.

But, one of the things that’s always made him one of the most exciting and hard to contain players in the league is his outstanding speed and freaking athleticism, being able to finish through contact with a lot of strength and authority, as well as hopping like the best of them, posterizing everybody that dares to try and stop him.

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1. LeBron James

And our best fast break player has to be LeBron James, a guy as fast as strong that goes at you like a full steam train and that you just won’t be able to stop unless you’re willing to take a major hit that’s most likely to knock you unconscious.

Besides, he’s also one of the best passers in the league, so you can’t double him in the post or he’ll set anybody up. Of course, there’s always the hack-a-LeBron approach, as perhaps his only liability at this point still is the lack of consistency from the charity stripe.