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Top 6 Perfect Players For The San Antonio Spurs' System

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Gregg Popovich has had a very long and successful tenure at the top of the San Antonio Spurs organization, making them an example of hard work, consistency and success that every single sports franchise in the world would like to emulate.

Popovich’s system has proven to be flawless, and the coach is without any single kind of doubt one of the greatest basketball minds in history and definitely the ultimate coach of our era, orchestrating beautiful and synchronized squads that always put the sake of the team ahead of personal glory.

The San Antonio Spurs feature an offensive and defensive style of play that seems more FIBA like than what everybody’s used to see in the NBA, with a lot of extra passing, a lot of patience, and tons of teamwork and good decisions.

Over his more than 20 years at command and with 5 rings under his belt, Gregg Popovich has found diamonds in the rough that perfectly fit their system, and we can’t help but wonder how some of the best players in the Association would fare under Pop’s tutelage. That’s why today we’ll let you know about the top 6 players that could work perfectly on their system. This is pure science fiction and it's impossible that any of these players will play for the Spurs in Gregg Popovich's era.

LeBron James

LeBron is without any hesitation the best basketball player of his generation. The Akron native can score, can assist and can be a playmaker, and can even own the glass among other things. With a hypothetical arrival at the Spurs, he will shield a team that is already overpowered with the big talents they have right now.

James can provide his intelligence to understand the game, the leadership –alongside Kawhi, of course- and could facilitate the job for the aging Tony Parker by assisting in a regular manner. Added to that, with the rotation system of Gregg Popovich and the restless years LeBron have had since his arrival in the league, this could be a win-win situation for both parties. And now that Pop is set to coach Bron in team USA, who wouldn’t love to see this actually going through?

Chris Paul

Maybe it’s not the best scenario, but a backcourt with two of the best point guard in the league would be awesome to see. Chris Paul is a gem, is arguably the best PG in the NBA at this moment, and although he is now part of the Houston Rockets, a trade to the San Antonio Spurs would have been clutch for all the parts involved and was even something the media stated would happen.

Chris has magical hands that can deliver incredible passes, he can create a lot of plays and opportunities for his team, and knowing the philosophy of the team of passing the ball until you find the right shot, CP3 would have been a great addition to this franchise.

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Nikola Jokic

We all know the penchant of Gregg Popovich with the European players and more when it comes to a big man like Nikola Jokic. Jokic is one of the most prominent prospects in the NBA right now and being developed by the Spurs would be a total blessing for him.

San Antonio, on the other hand, could count with a big guy who knows how to pass the ball and score besides Pau Gasol. Jokic looks like a really good addition for San Antonio seeing his characteristics, as he’s definitely the most impressive and smart passing big man in the Association right now.

Draymond Green

It is not a secret that Draymond Green is –regardless of his indiscipline episodes- one of the most reliable agents in the entire NBA. He can pass, he surely defends and most important, he can sacrifice for the well of the team.

Draymond’s defensive skills would make the Spurs a renewed version of the 2003-04 Detroit Pistons, with more offensive power. Green is versatile and talented, things that the coach Popovich loves to see in a player, and even though he’d have to shut his mouth (and his legs) in order to succeed here, his ability to play and guard all 5 posts would make him a prime Spurs target.

Ricky Rubio

Rubio looked like someone meant to be great in the big leagues, but since his debut none of that have happened. However, he is still looking for redemption and one opportunity to demonstrate that he still got what it takes to shine in this league.

Rubio is one of those unselfish players that put the team first and then the single stats. Ricky would be a great addition for the Spurs, no doubt about it, especially now that Tony Parker is perhaps heading towards the last season of his long and successful NBA tenure.

Marc Gasol

Gasol is currently playing on a team with not so many expectations for this upcoming NBA season, and him going to San Antonio wouldn’t be crazy. The Spaniard center has been great during his journey with Memphis, but most fans always have thought that he can explode his game in its whole playing for a different organization.

Imagine what would be if the two Gasol brothers played alongside, with Marc leading the intern game with his intelligence and defense. Gasol is at this moment one of the best centers in the league, and all the things he has to offer, the Spurs could be the perfect place for him if they manage to offer an appealing deal after Memphis’ season falls apart a couple of months through the season.