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Top 6 NBA Players Who Could Win Their First Ring By 2020


Is there anything sweeter than winning your first Championship? The first time a player experiences being a Champion, it's surely a breath of special air.

With the 2017 NBA Champions crowned, and the NBA Offseason prime-time drawing to a close, things in the NBA will be very interesting to watch. As teams try their hardest to build the best teams possible, many opportunities will be given to players who chose to take part.

For a lot of those guys, they could be the ones winning a Chip for the first time ever. They could be the next ones to call themselves NBA Champs. Here are 5 NBA Players who have a chance to win their very first ring by 2020:

Nick Young


Swaggy P has been all over the place. His latest stint in L.A. was well served, but he never got the chance to compete. Inking a new deal with the Golden State Warriors, however, almost guarantees him a Championship. His three-point shooting off the bench will fit in perfectly with the Warriors. Even with the loaded West, the Dubs will be the favorites to win it all for the foreseeable future.

Rudy Gay


Just like Swaggy P, Rudy Gay went from lottery team to title contender this summer. Leaving Sacramento for San Antonio could be the best decision of his career. He gives them additional scoring and much-needed athleticism off the bench. Signing with the Spurs gives Gay the opportunity to join the second-best team in the West while still remaining a vital part of the team.

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Isaiah Thomas


As constructed right now, the Celtics are still not good enough to beat the Warriors. But with draft picks aplenty and superstars flooding their gates, the Celtics will continue to get better. With a few more valuable pieces, the Cs could be primed for a Finals run. Isaiah Thomas, if he remains a Celtic, will be a huge part of that. Watch out, because Boston is coming.

Paul George


Leaving Indiana means one big thing for PG13: He can finally contend for a title. In OKC, he and Russell Westbrook can make a big splash in the playoffs. If he stays with the Thunder, then he will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. On this new team, George has a real opportunity to prove his worth. Can he lead the Thunder to a title? Even in the loaded West, this new Oklahoma City team is one of the favorites to win before 2020.

Carmelo Anthony


Melo's time in New York is over. With a contender, Carmelo could finally get a chance to compete. The team so far is rumored to be Houston, as the Knicks and Rockets are reportedly working towards a deal. He'd make an awesome pairing next to CP3 and Harden, and the three would become a true team to reckon with.

Russell Westbrook

(AP Photo/Brandon Dill)

(AP Photo/Brandon Dill)

Provided Paul George stays, or they acquire another superstar, Russ has a chance to become a Champion sooner rather than later. As one of the few teams that could currently compete with Golden State, the Thunder are a lethal force in the West. By 2020, a little luck and a mix of talent could equal a shiny new ring.