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Top 5 Worst Starting Point Guards In The NBA

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The point guard position is perhaps the most important among all spots when we’re talking about basketball, as you need a guy that’s capable of successfully orchestrating an offense and make everybody around him play better.

A good point guard has to have great handles, a vast understanding of the game, highly developed basketball IQ, and among all things: be a great passer, and if he can also send the ball to the bottom of the nets, well, even better.

Nonetheless, not all teams have prolific players at the one right now, and that has to be one of the main reasons why they’ve struggled early on in this season. That’s why today, we’re going to let you know about the top 5 worst starting point guards in the NBA.

5. Mike James, Suns


Mike James has been able to hold onto the starting point guard spot in the desert after Eric Bledsoe and the Phoenix Suns decided to part ways, and he hasn’t been doing much of a good job handling the playmaking duties, merely averaging 4 dimes per game.

It’s still unclear while Tyler Ulis hasn’t overtaken his starting gig, and Devin Booker has been handling the ball handling tasks for most of the time he’s been on the court. James has played overseas and has some room for upside, but he’s just not starting material even for one of the worst teams in the Association.

4. Jarrett Jack, Knicks


Jarrett Jack is one of the luckiest guys this league has seen, as he’s always managed to get some important playing time despite not being really good at anything, and now he’s leading the way in the New York Knicks offense despite Ramon Sessions also being in the roster.

So far, Jack has posted mediocre averages of 5.1 points and 5.4 dimes per game in under 40% from the field, and as soon as the Knicks start racking up L’s, they’re definitely going to give a much longer leash to their rookie Frank Ntikilina, who was way more upside.

3. Elfrid Payton, Magic

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Elfrid Payton is looking way more like a bust as years go by, and even though he did improve a bit the past season when shifted to a bench role, he’s still ages away from what we all expected of him coming out of college as an outstanding defender and playmaker.

Payton doesn’t have any kind of shooting stroke whatsoever, and he’s been constantly sidelined by injuries that keep him lingering throughout the season. This year, he’s only been able to play in 3 games, averaging under 10 points but also a respectable 8 assists per game.

2. Spencer Dinwiddie, Nets


Spencer Dinwiddie looked like a very decent point guard coming out of college, but he never had the chance to actually prove his worth until now that he’s had to step up due to the season-ending injury Jeremy Lin suffered early in the season.

Dinwiddie is a lousy scorer and not much more than a good pick and roll point guard, and he hasn’t been able to make the most of playing with a great off-ball scorer like D’Angelo Russell. So far, Spencer has posted averages of 9.8 points in 38% from the floor to go along with 5.1 dimes per contest.

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1. Jerian Grant, Bulls


We all thought Jerian Grant was going to be solid when he made his debut with the New York Knicks, but it all went downhill quickly and now we’re even doubting if he should be an NBA player at this point despite being the Chicago Bulls’ starting point guard.

Grant is a mess with the rock in his hands and couldn’t score a basket on a handicap defender, and he’s a lock to lose his starting gig in favor of Kris Dunn. Throughout 9 matchups, he’s averaged under 9 points and almost 7 helpers per game while shooting 31% from the floor and a lousy 19% from beyond the arc.