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Top 5 Underrated Players in the NBA


The following list contains 5 NBA players who, in my opinion, are extremely underrated. NBA fans around the world will have different opinions on this topic so not everyone will agree on the following list. 

Also, the list is in no particular order and is just my top 5.

Tony Parker

The San Antonio Spurs guard is getting old now (aged 34) but is still no doubt a top-caliber point guard. The Frenchman has won 4 NBA Championships in his career, all with the Spurs. Parker also won the 2007 NBA Finals Mvp award. With all these accolades to his name, you would think Parker would be regarded one of the best to play the point guard role?

Wrong! The Spurs guard has never been regarded as the best in his position at any time in his career and Parker has always been overlooked and never given as much credit as he deserves. Even at the current time Parker still holds a starting role with the Spurs and so far this season is averaging 9.6 PPG, 4.8 APG and 2.1 RPG. Sure they’re not the most amazing stats in the League but it really doesn’t reflect the work that Parker does for his team. Parker has always been an underrated player even though he deserves as much credit as any other star in the League.

Isaiah Thomas

Thomas was the 60th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, nobody really believed he would be a star but in the past two years we’ve seen Isaiah Thomas grow into a fantastic player who has brought the Boston Celtics straight from the depths of the rebuilding process to contenders for the Eastern Conference Finals. After a disappointing playoffs last year where the Celtics were knocked out by the Atlanta Hawks in the first round the Celtics will be looking to make the Conference Finals this year with their only major problems being the Raptors, Hawks and of course the current NBA Champions - the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Thomas has shown himself to be the team’s leader in Boston but for such a big role, Thomas is only 5 feet 9 inches tall. The man has lots of skill on the ball with his impressive handles and can pass the ball well. Thomas has also got a good shot and this season averages 26.2 PPG and 6.5 APG. The guy is a talent and has never gotten enough credit and this is therefore the reason why I include him on this list.

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Damian Lillard

Next on the list is point guard, Dame Lillard. Possibly the most underrated player in the League, Lillard is definitely a top 5 point guard in the League but people just don’t seem to give the man enough credit. He has done great things so far for the Portland Trailblazers and he shows that he can come through in the clutch moments when his team needs him most. Lillard can definitely be a future Mvp and this year he will try make the push for the award but Lillard always puts personal awards to the side and always says that he wants the best for his team, his main aim being the challenge of bringing a NBA title to Portland.

So far this season Lillard has averaged 28.7 PPG, 4.4 APG and 4.9 RPG. Impressive stats which has helped lead the Trailblazers to a 7 W-7 L record this season leaving them 8th in the West. The point of the story here is giving Damian Lillard the credit he deserves.

Andre Drummond

This guy is a major talent in my opinion but a lot of people refuse to accept that. This guy can give you a double-double game every night he performs and that’s an almost 100% guarantee. Drummond’s breakout season was last year where he helped lead the Pistons to a playoffs spot after a 44W-38L season. Drummond also played in his first NBA All-Star game last year which was a big achievement for him. Drummond managed to lead the League in rebounds per game last season.

Andre has helped the Pistons start off this year’s NBA season with a 6W-8L start to the season and so far he is averaging 14.8 PPG and 13.8 RPG. That’s an average of a double-double per game, a pretty impressive thing to say for a center who’s only 23 years old! At the end of the day, I strongly feel that Drummond isn’t given enough credit and I think he should be in the conversation of best center’s in the NBA along with the likes of DeMarcus Cousins and DeAndre Jordan.

DeMar DeRozan

The Raptors star shooting guard is another underrated player in the NBA. The 2-time All-Star has worked hard on his game in the past year or two and the improvements can be seen for sure which has made him become a dominant leader in Toronto along with Kyle Lowry.

We’ve also seen, since the start of the current NBA season, that his scoring has become very efficient and this shows us that he has put in lots of work over the offseason which has led to him having ten 30 point games so far to start off the season. Yet still when people talk about the top shooting guard in the League DeRozan seems to always left out of the conversation. DeRozan has helped the Raptors start off the season with a 8W-4L record and in doing so DeRozan has averaged 33.0 PPG, 3.4 APG and 5.0 RPG. DeMar also currently sits atop the scorers in the League and Raptors fans will hope he can keep this up. DeMar is definitely an amazing player and he can only get better in the future.