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Top 5 Stars That Would Be Champions If They Changed Teams

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With pretty much everybody keen and desperate to chase an NBA Championship and willing to do almost everything in order to put a ring on their fingers, you just can’t praise loyal athletes enough, as some guys would rather retire without a title than make a move to a contender side to get an easy path to stardom.

Nonetheless, even if loyalty grants you a room in the heart of the fans, as well as admiration and respect from your peers and rivals, and even though staying put in one spot pretty much would assure you a huge paycheck, everybody remembers the winners and not all people value players that didn’t achieve the ultimate goal.

We’ve seen the John Stocktons of basketball thrive and be considered some of the best in their positions, but being forced to retire without ever winning a Championship, and even though nobody can disrespect or diminish John Stockton, it’s still pretty sad to watch one of the best players to ever lace them up go empty handed after a very impressive career.

So what we’re going to do today, it’s just pretend some of the game’s current biggest stars could just swap teams and play wherever they decide to, imagining they would finally win that desired NBA ring, as we just don’t see them leaving their current franchises ever.

5. Anthony Davis - Cleveland Cavaliers


Let’s picture this for one second: Anthony Davis alongside LeBron James. With this combo, the Cleveland Cavaliers would pretty much have found Golden State’s kryptonite, and King James would definitely be extremely tempted to stay put at “The Land” despite all the rumours surrounding his second departure.

And with the recent addition of Isaiah Thomas, plus JR Smith and Kevin Love also helping carry this team, Anthony Davis would definitely find the collective success he’s not likely to find anytime soon in the New Orleans Pelicans, especially in that wild and fierce Western Conference.

4. John Wall - Boston Celtics


Even though the Boston Celtics recently acquired Kyrie Irving in a very surprising blockbuster trade, the All-Star point guard stated that he wasn’t ready to commit to any suitor that traded for him, and we just believe Wall would be a much better fit in Brad Stevens offense, and he’d be just the missing piece this team still lacks to go back to stardom.

Wall could definitely be the Celtics’ franchise player, and playing alongside standout ballers like Gordon Hayward and Al Horford against these subpar Cleveland Cavaliers would pretty much grant him an easy path to the Eastern Conference Finals, and they would definitely have the upper hand in any single matchup now that they have the best point guard in the East.

3. DeMarcus Cousins - Los Angeles Lakers

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DeMarcus Cousins is one of the most talented big men in the league nowadays and his versatility in both ends of the floor as well as his ability to stretch the floor with his consistent touch from mid and long range are just a couple of features that any team in modern era would look with great eyes.

Nonetheless, he’s never been on an actual position to succeed past personal glory, so making a move to these renewed Los Angeles Lakers would definitely put him right on track to win his first NBA Championship, being paired with Lonzo Ball and his impressive passing skills on the open court, and finally having the chance to dominate on a contender instead of just racking up stats and going empty handed.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo - Golden State Warriors

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been one of the most surprising and impressive players this league has seen over the last decade, constantly improving and even developing his young body to dominate and drive hard to the basket with great ease due to his length, athleticism and leaping ability, and the fact that he’s still a work in progress make him an even more exciting player to watch these days.

Still, he’s going to have a really tough time to win a Championship in a small market franchise like the Milwaukee Bucks, so making a move to the versatile fast paced offense of the Golden State Warriors would be just better for him, with his ability to play and guard multiple positions, his great playmaking ability and his defensive upside as their future franchise player.

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1. Russell Westbrook - San Antonio Spurs


And last but not least, we get the most loyal guy that’s very likely to never win a title unless he gets the hell out of the Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook. Westbrook just loves Oklahoma and he’s never going to leave, but now that the San Antonio Spurs are in desperate need of a new point guard for the future, he’d definitely be the best choice for their system.

Just picture Westbrook attacking the paint and open up space for shooters like Danny Green, Patty Mills or even Kawhi Leonard, and paired with the Klaw and LaMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs would be completely unstoppable. San Antonio is the team that’s best suited to beat the Golden State Warriors, something that Westbrook is never going to achieve on his own even despite his great efforts.