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Top 5 Reasons Why the Los Angeles Clippers Will Not Break Up

Credit: Grantland

Credit: Grantland

Let’s face it, despite being probably the best chunk of time in franchise history, the Chris Paul-Blake Griffin era of the Los Angeles Clippers franchise has been kinda disappointing. It seems like season after season the team is close to title contention, but just can’t get over the hump. 

Things like injuries and poor matchups have often been used as excuses, but the fact of the matter is, there is always something holding them back, and it has actually made their past six seasons insanely predictable. They are going to be the two to five seed in the West, and they will promptly lose in the first or second round. One or both of Blake and CP3 will probably also get injured, giving Clippers fans a false sense of hope than Yeezus or the Phantom Menace. Every Year. 

This begs the question, why do they not change this tiring formula? Why don’t they start anew and rebuild, rather than deny the inevitable, like a balding man with a combover? Well, I will attempt to answer those questions with this blog post, and hopefully I don’t come close, but fail to answer them, like these Los Angeles Clippers.

Reason #1: Doc Rivers


Remember when Doc Rivers left the rebuilding Boston Celtics in the 2013 offseason to join the Los Angeles Clippers after the Celtics traded away franchise cornerstones Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for a bunch of drafts picks and a group of vets who everyone has forgotten about? Well, that situation proved that Doc Rivers does not like to coach a rebuilding team, and usually has the status and positioning to leave a team once he feels like they’re gonna hit the restart button. But unfortunately for Doc, he’s in a bit of a different scenario this time around as he is also the team’s President of Basketball Operations. 

Therefore, it would be very difficult for Doc to get himself off of the Clips, as he is the one making their front office decisions as well. And so he will do whatever he needs to retain the services of Paul and Griffin.

Reason #2: Steve Ballmer


Much like Doc Rivers, the owner of the Clippers, Steve Ballmer also does not want to have anything to do with a rebuilding team. In 2014 when Ballmer bought the team for an unnecessary two billion dollars, he made it very clear that his only goal is for the Clippers to win a championship, as the man with 28 billion dollars to his name does not really care about how much the team needs to spend to do so. This is his toy. 

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US regulars have things like 2K and fantasy sports, and good old Steve Ballmer has an actual NBA franchise that he does not care about how much money he spends on it.

Reason #3: Los Angeles Appeal on a Pretty Good Team


The reason why Blake Griffin and Chris Paul probably won’t try to find refuge in a different basketball situation, one that might actually be more fruitful, this free agency when they are both unrestricted free agents is simple. LA and the player’s mentality. In Griffin and Paul’s eyes, this team is very much a contender. And if you look at the roster and coaching itself, it seems like it actually should be. 

What other team (besides the Cavaliers and Warriors, of course) can say that they arguably have three players who are top five at their position with a coach who has won a title? Of course, there is more to contention than that, but with Griffin and Paul’s probably competitive attitudes, they very much consider this a great team, despite its constant underachievement. Plus it helps that the team is located in Los Angeles, a city considered to be one of the nicest in the United States. They will always attract free agents when the team has been in the playoffs for the past six years, especially those who have already played there.

Reason #4: No Backup Plan


Another reason why the Clippers will not rebuild is because they do not have any form of young talent to bank on and because they do not want to lose the upcoming free agents, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin for nothing. They will not have a large amount of upcoming first round draft picks that the Celtics got from Pierce and Garnett, and they do not have the young talent either. 

In fact, the only two players under the age of 25 are 2016 second round pick, Diamond Stone and daddy’s little boy himself, Austin Rivers, both of whom are not at all options to build around for the future. And so in order to stay afloat, the Clippers will probably offer enormous contracts to Paul and Griffin, rather than possibly going through a darker era than any other time in franchise history, which is saying a lot.

Reason #5: DeAndre Jordan Loyalty

Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Dec 5, 2015; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan (6) looks on during the third quarter against the Orlando Magic at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when DeAndre Jordan decided to join the Dallas Mavericks in the summer of 2015 before being persuaded by his Clippers teammates to come back to LA for the chance to win a ring? Well, how hypocritical would it be for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to then leave DeAndre Jordan alone in Los Angeles on what would be a bottom of the West team? This might not seem like a big factor, but I really don’t think that Paul and Griffin could just ditch Jordan like this, as silly as it sounds, I mean who are they, Kevin Durant? I understand that this paragraph was all rhetorical questions, but do you really mind?

So there you have it, despite how many clue CP3 and Blake Griffin get about the probable inability to win a championship as members of the Clippers, they will probably return to the team next season, and probably do the exact same thing they have done for the past six years. Clearly, they have never heard of Einstein’s definition of insanity.


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