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Top 5 Players Who Will Get A Lot of Money Just to Play with the Brooklyn Nets

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The Brooklyn Nets are one of the most disastrous teams in the NBA since throwing away their entire future for a rental on Paul Pierce, Jason Terry, Kevin Garnett and Deron Williams several seasons ago, practically giving away a lot of first and second round picks and jeopardizing the team’s future.

Nonetheless, they have a lot of money to spend and you know they’re more than willing to do it, although they’re not going to be an attractive destination for any big name free agent, as the only actual asset they currently have is Brook Lopez, who’s quite injury prone and isn’t a warranty of success.

Still, there are several guys that would see a move to the Nets with good eyes, as they have a pretty good chance to get some money on a bad team, but they know they’re not that good to be starters or cash huge paychecks in winning teams. So, let’s take a look at the top 5 players who would get a lot of money to play for the Nets, disregarding the team’s poor chances of even making the playoffs.

Greg Monroe


Monroe was supposed to be on the rise when he played alongside Andre Drummond on the Detroit Pistons, being a nightly double-double with his nice rebounding ability and ability to put up 20 points on a nightly basis.

Nonetheless, since he signed with the Milwaukee Bucks, his career has stalled, playing off the bench and seeing his numbers take a huge dip. He’ll have way more playing time, way more shots for him, and of course, way, way more money.

J.J. Redick


Redick is one of the most expendable assets the Clippers have right now, and it doesn't’ seem like the former Duke standout gets the credit he deserves for his consistent and reliable contribution to Doc River’s team.

So, he could be Brooklyn’s next Joe Johnson, if that’s even a thing, and cash a huge paycheck to provide some much needed three point shooting to the team, seizing his last chance of getting a huge deal in his career.

Serge Ibaka

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This one’s kind of unlikely, as we all know Ibaka desperately wants to compete and play for an NBA championship team, so he would rather lose some cash just to be a consistent piece off the bench for a contender.

Nevertheless, he’s aging and all his numbers have significantly decreased since being one of the best defenders in the league, so joining Lopez and the Nets would earn him the last big money deal of his career.

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Zach Randolph

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

It’s very unlikely that Randolph ever leaves the Grizzlies, as the veteran and hard-nosed power forward has established a legacy in Memphis, and he’s one of the team’s vocal leaders and most important players.

Still, even if the Grizzlies are constantly reaching the Playoffs and are quite a difficult team to beat, they’re not NBA Finals material and they won’t be for the foreseeable future, so Randolph could just chase the cash and play under 20 minutes a night, enjoying the last few years of his career without the pressure of actually competing.

Patrick Mills


Mills is Australia’s leader and has proved himself as an explosive scorer for them on a FIBA level while providing great offense for San Antonio’s second unit. Nonetheless, the tweener guard isn’t that good to be a starter on an NBA team, and even if he has a great shot at a championship with the Spurs, you know he won’t get a lot of money to remain under Pop’s tutelage.

So, he could make the most of his fast-paced pull up shooting offense and get a lot of cash to play with the Nets, as his biggest competition for the starting role would be Jeremy Lin, so you know he’ll be quite alright.