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Top 5 Players Who Can Help LeBron James

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LeBron James has always been the go-to-guy in every one of his squads despite also being surrounded with a lot of top-notch talented players, stealing most of the headlines while leading his buddies to the ultimate stage of the NBA.

And ever since coming back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, he’s gotten a lot of help out of his teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, as well as building up a very deep and balanced roster to make them the most dominant side in the Eastern Conference.

But, now that Kyrie has decided to find a different path and play elsewhere without LeBron’s dominant presence on the team, he’s been left in quite a predicament without the team’s second leading scorer and one of the most talented players in the Association.

And of course, given the fact that LeBron has pretty much always been the primary ball handler, there’s not a huge necessity of another playmaker now that Kyrie has decided to leave, but his departure still means a lot of trouble for a team that was trying to build on their roster to try and end Golden State’s supremacy. So, today we’ll take a look at the top 5 players that could help Lebron James now that Kyrie’s gone.

5. Tony Allen


Tony Allen is one of the best remaining free agents and now that the Grizzlies have already lost both Vince Carter and Zach Randolph, it’s pretty likely that they go through a rebuilding process where they have no room for Tony.

Being one of the most talented defenders in the NBA, he could provide a significant boost over Kyrie regarding defensive duties, being a very good option to try and contain Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson way better than Kyrie did.

4. Randy Foye


With Irving gone, they need to make up for the 24+ points he was able to put on a nightly basis, and with Bron handling the playmaker duties, Randy Foye could actually thrive playing off the ball as a three point specialist.

Foye has always been a very prolific scorer despite being a defensive liability and considering he’d be surrounded with some of the best players in the world, he may finally have the chance to prove his worth.

3. Jason Terry

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The Cavs apparently have a thing for veterans, so why not trust a guy that has actually been one of LeBron’s primary rivals through his career, either with the Boston Celtics or the Dallas Mavericks squad that beat them in the finals.

Of course, Terry’s not as crafty, athletic or fast as he used to be, but his veteran leadership could significantly improve Cleveland, and he could still be a very productive scorer and ball handler off the bench.

2. Brandon Jennings

brandon jennings

Brandon Jennings wind up being just half as good as we all expected him to be, and after some regression, due to injuries it’s pretty safe to state that he’s already peaked, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be a top-notch pickup for any team at this point, Cleveland included.

Of course, he’s not the most consistent scorer from beyond the arc, but he’s a way above the average playmaker and could help ease some pressure off LeBron’s shoulders regarding that matter.

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1. Derrick Rose


And last but not least, we get another LeBron’s historic rival, Derrick Rose, a guy that could never defeat The King in the postseason despite leading his Bulls to the best record in the Eastern Conference during that MVP season.

Rose was already on the Cavs’ agenda and even though they’re definitely going to be huge durability and health concerns, he’s still the best remaining point guard in free agency, and his competitive nature and talent are just two things that can’t be denied.