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Top 5 NBA Teams That Should Tank the 2017-2018 Season

Top 5 NBA Teams That Should Tank the 2017-2018 Season

It is impossible for every team to do well every year, but there are some teams that you know will not do well. Most of the teams on this list have not been very successful fast

In this list, we will talk about those teams that surely will not have a good run in the 2017-18 season. These teams are not in any way ranked, we just believe their season is not going to go well.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks have not had a really successful season since 2011, where they won the NBA Finals against Lebron James and the Miami Heat. Dirk Nowitzki is on his 20th season in the league playing for them, but the 39-year-old is not what he was in the past.

Last season was the first season since 2013 that they did not qualify for the playoffs. It was also their first losing season since 2000, with that 33-49 record, they ended 5th in the Southwest Division and we do not think they’ll do anything better for the next season.

So, with Dirk entering the final years of his career and the Mavs going young with standout prospect Dennis Smith Jr running the point, landing a top 5 prospect to pair with him, Noel and Barnes would be the smartest thing to do for them.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks had an average season last year, having a 43-39 record to land a 0.524 winning percentage that made them the second placed team in their Division, also earning the in the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference.

Nonetheless, they lost in the first round of the playoffs against the Washington Wizards before trading former All-Star Dwight Howard and also losing Tim Hardaway Jr and Paul Millsap in this free agency.

So, with the Hawks already on the verge of mediocrity, they should pretty much call it a season and just let Dennis Schroder improve his skills as his lone valuable asset for the foreseeable future.

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Brooklyn Nets

The 2016-17 season for the Nets was their 41st season in the NBA, but it surely was not one for them to remember. With a horrid 21-61 record they had by far their worst season of the decade, being the league’s laughingstock.

They ended 5th fifth in their Division and 15th in their conference, not qualifying for the playoffs, obviously. The last time they won a conference title was in 2003, so their last few campaigns have not been very good.

But what made things even worse for Brooklyn was the fact that they couldn’t keep their 1st overall pick, sending it to the Boston Celtics, so as they now have both Crabbe and Russell as their go-to-guys on offense for this season, they should just let them hog as many shots as they can to develop while they land another top 5 prospect, this time actually getting to keep it.

Indiana Pacers

The last time the Pacers had a successful ish season was back in 2014, where they won the 2014 Division title, but were unable to go past that. The last time they won a conference title was in 2000, so saying that their last decade has not been so good, might be an understatement.

Last year they ended third in the Atlantic Division of the league, also being 12th overall in their conference, so they did not make it to the playoffs. They had a terrible .378 winning percentage, having won just 31 games in the whole season before losing All-Star forward Paul George in a trade with the Thunder.

So, now that they had standout prospects in Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis to pair with their two-way big man Myles Turner, the Pacers should just look for another guy to round up their roster, although considering how weak the Eastern Conference is, they may wind up barely making the playoffs despite sucking anyways.

New York Knicks

The Knicks have not been relevant in basketball since the year 2013, where they won the Division title, so we believe they will do as bad as they have done in the previous years. With Carmelo Anthony being their biggest name, there really is not much for them.

Last year, they ended 3rd in the Atlantic Division and 12th overall in the in the Eastern Conference, losing 51 of the 82 games they played last season, with a terrible .378 winning percentage just like the Pacers did.

And with Carmelo Anthony finally on his way out of the Madison Square Garden and the Knicks trusting rough but promising prospect Ntilikina to run their offense, they shouldn’t even try to contend to try and get another top 3 prospect to pair with Kristaps Porzingis.

That is the only way if they want to watch New York Knicks in the NBA Finals after 18 years.