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Top 5 NBA Stars Who Will Score More Than 60 Points Next Season

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Although they may appear to be like Gods, basketball players are just humans like you and me. They have good days and bad days when it comes to their playing. Sometime things just never seem to go right; you shoot a low percentage, you turn the ball over, you get scored on a lot. These things happen and you’ve just got to pick your head up and learn from it.

When things are going your way you feel unstoppable. Your elevated level of confidence makes you play at your best because you just let your instinct and training take over. You feel like you’re shooting in an empty gym and with every shot you take, you know you’ll be hearing that swish.

When a player scores 60 points or more in a game they were in that zone described above. They hit a few shots in a row and suddenly in their mind they realized that this is their night. We get a few games like that every year and each one is a treasure as we watch the very pinnacle of the sport we love.

Here are my top 5 guys who are the most likely to drop 60 or more in a game next season.

5. Devin Booker - Phoenix Suns

A blowout loss for the losing team is usually a pretty depressing thing to go through, but when your 20-year-old star becomes the youngest player ever to score 70 points, a feat only 5 other players have achieved, then maybe the L wasn’t so bad.

Booker simply couldn’t miss and it was easily for me the performance of the season. There have been comparisons drawn between Devin the Mamba himself. Kobe Bryant during his incredible career scored from every possible way imaginable. He was the master at taking the really tough shots, shots that defenders simply can’t guard against like step backs and spin jump shots. These moves take a lot to perfect but when you do you can destroy defenders.

Devin Booker is in the process of mastering all the moves that Kobe used during his time on the court, and it showed that fateful night in Boston this season. Hopefully, this isn’t the last time we see this young gun shoot the lights out.

4. Klay Thompson - Golden State Warriors

There’s no sight more beautiful in basketball than a Klay Thompson jump shot. His form is the closest thing to perfection we have with his quick release and perfect mechanics. Having this beautiful form means that Klay has a very easy timing hitting jump shots and according to the NBA’s stat machine Thompson lead the league last year with 4.2 made jumpers a game.

Klay can be quite a streaky shooter sometimes. He does have bad days been when he’s on fire he’s a pure flamethrower. Klay his 60 against the Indiana Pacers at the end of 2016 whilst only holding the ball for 90 seconds and taking 11 dribbles. He was so effective in the short space of time that he held the ball that he didn’t even play the last quarter.

Somehow Klay managed to keep his scoring average in the low 20s when KD came to town and so next year look for Thompson to have another huge performance and just pray it isn’t against your team

3. Kyrie Irving - Cleveland Cavaliers

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Although Uncle Drew is listed as a point guard, in reality he is more of scorer who can assist as well. Irving is an offensive weapon who a fan favorite around the league. He has the best handles in the league and is one the best finishers at the rim we’ve ever seen.

He is so creative when it comes to his drives, the ease at which he adjusts his shots whilst still in the air is incredible. He’s also a great shooter meaning he is the total offensive package and can light up any defense on any night.

Irving has hit 50 a few times in his short career so far, and given that he’s just about to enter his prime we might be about to witness the first of hopefully many 60 point games to remind us why we love this game so damn much.

2. Kevin Durant - Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant is the best scorer ever, without question. The guy is 6 foot 10 with a 7 foot 5 wingspan. He can handle the ball, he can finish at the rim, he’s very athletic, can pull up from 30 feet, he’s money at the free throw line, there is nothing this guy can’t do and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

In last year’s NBA Finals, the toughest stage in basketball, Durant was the MVP after averaging, on LeBron James, 35.2 points a game on a stat line of 55.6/47.4/92.7. LeBron is a great defender but he could do nothing because Durant is simply a mismatch against whoever is trying to guard him.

KD just shots over smaller guys and run rings round people who can contest his shots. The only thing you can do is just hope that it misses. Durant has yet to score 60 in his career so far but next year he will be playing with a lot less pressure meaning he’ll be more relaxed and a relaxed KD is the last thing anyone would ever want to come up against.

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1. Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors

The NBA is a three point shooting league, you simply cannot win without guys on your team and can spread the defense, therefore, allowing you to get easy and efficient shots at the rim. Steph Curry is the best shooter we’ve ever seen.

It will only take him a few more seasons to smash Ray Allen’s three point record of 2,973 and he looks set to retire with his number well above 3,000. His release is so quick that even before you’ve realized he’s in his shooting motion you’ll hear the swish behind you and see Curry run back to play defense.

I’m quite surprised that Curry hasn’t hit 60 or more so far given that during his last MVP season in 2015/16 he was averaging more than 5 made threes a game. Like KD, Curry has a lot less pressure this year with his second title under his belt, one night he may just decide to casually score 60 just to have that milestone as well.