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Top 5 NBA Stars That Have A Passion For Gambling


NBA players are heroes for many of us, but they’re still fascinated by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. After all, the basketball court has a little casino vibe with all the bright lights. While fans won’t be too excited about this comparison, you should know that some NBA superstars have a burning passion for gambling.

There’s one thing you need to understand – NBA players aren’t saints. They all make mistakes and have their vices. After all, they worked hard, and they deserve to spend their money as they wish, whether it’s on luxurious cars, expensive houses or gambling it away in Vegas.

If you would like to live like a superstar and gamble away your money in a posh establishment, you won’t have to travel all the way to Las Vegas. Nowadays, you can join an online casino and start playing your favorite games within minutes.

In the list below, we will go over the most notorious gamblers in the NBA roster:

Michael Jordan


The legendary Chicago Bulls champion, Michael Jordan, has a highly competitive personality even outside the basketball court. MJ likes going to casinos, especially those in Atlantic City. Still, his primary passion is competing with his buddies in golf championships with high wagers. According to the press, Michael Jordan’s most significant loss was over 1 million dollars in a single game.

J.R. Smith


Former LA Lakers star J.R. Smith is known for his entertaining behavior on the court. But did you know that years ago, his mansion was robbed, and among the things that were stolen was a briefcase containing over $15.000 cash?

When the police arrived at the scene, Smith declared that the suitcase was filled with his gambling money. While regular people don’t usually carry around that amount in cash, it is not strange for a multi-millionaire superstar.

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Charles Oakley

Charles Oakley

Oakley loves gambling in Vegas, but he despises when his opponents fail to repay their debts. One of the most infamous gambling stories of Charles Oakley happened in 2000 after he got into a fight with Tyrone Hill from the Philadelphia Sixer and threw basketballs at him before a preseason game.

According to Charles, the incident happened because Hill had to pay him $54.000 after losing a dice game. The legendary basketball player told the press that a gentleman should pay his debts within two weeks. Charles Oakley was later suspended and fined $10.000 by the NBA, but he eventually got his money back.

Charles Oakley was also banned from a Las Vegas casino after he allegedly pulled back some of his chips at the poker table, after finding out he would lose.

Antoine Walker


Antoine Walker is a perfect example of the consequences of gambling. Walker was a vital member of the Celtics. Still, his career burned to the ground after learning how to gamble from none other than the legendary Michael Jordan. He started with poker, and by 2009, he struggled to pay his debt to over ten different casinos.

Before his gambling addiction started, his total net worth was estimated to over $100 million. Still, his life took a turn when he was arrested for failing to repay his debts. According to the Las Vegas casino officials, Walker had gathered debts of nearly $1 million.

Charles Barkley


Sir Charles, one of the greatest power forwards in NBA history and a close friend of Michael Jordan, has a passion for the glitz and glamour. In 2006 he shocked his fans after he admitted having lost over 10 million dollars in Vegas and got into a lawsuit with Wynn Casino after failing to pay his debts of nearly $400 000. He still continually visits luxury casinos, but he spends his money more consciously.

Final Thoughts

NBA stars have so much money on their hands that they literally don’t know how to spend them. That’s the reason why they turn to vices such as gambling, even though they do it just for pure entertainment. However, this sort of behavior needs to be monitored, as it can affect their career in the long run and ruin their reputation.