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Top 5 NBA Players Who Could Have 25 Assists In A Game

5 NBA Players Who Could Have 25 Assists In A Game

Rajon Rondo just impressed everybody earlier this week with a throwback of his former self when he recorded a career-high 25 assists in just 30 minutes against the Brooklyn Nets, something that hadn’t been done ever since Jason Kidd handed out 25 dimes in 49 minutes in 1996.

Rondo reminded us of players like Scott Skiles and John Stockton, and even though he’s nowhere near his prime, it reminded us that he’s still capable of doing some amazing stuff with the rock on his hands when he’s focused.

Still, 25 assists are one of the most impressive things a player can ever record, although you’d expect it of a pass-first point guard like Rondo. Nonetheless, there are several active players right now that could also match this single game total and even record more.

Today, we’re going to let you know about the lone five players that could outplay this performance.

Chris Paul

A no-brainer here. If it wasn’t for John Stockton, Chris Paul would probably be considered the best two-way point guard in the history of the game, and he’s one of the most underrated ballers in the world right now just because he hasn’t been able to win a Championship.

Still, the point god is perhaps the most suited guy to surpass the 25 dime plateau in the world, and he was very close to doing so almost a decade ago when he recorded 21 against the Lakers. Also, he’s averaged 9.9 helpers per game throughout his career.

Russell Westbrook

This one may turn a couple of heads. Why on earth would Russell Westbrook ever record 25+ assists in a single game? Well, because he loves to pile stats and rack up milestones for his own personal glory.

Of course, Westbrook isn’t a selfish player and always wants to do what’s best for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but if he can break another record while doing so, he’s not going to miss that chance. During his triple-double season, he averaged just over 10 dimes and has 8 assists per game average through his career, and he’s also recorded a 22 assist game against the Phoenix Suns.

LeBron James

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LeBron James has always been one of the league’s best passers, and he has acknowledged that he’s already done everything he’s wanted in the league (besides shooting 90% from the line) so he could as well try and beat Rondo’s record given the opportunity.

When James’ locked in, he can do whatever he wants with the ball in his hands, and he’s already handed out 17 assists in a game twice in his career. Throughout 15 seasons, he’s averaged 7.1 dimes per game and ranks 6th in the all-time triple-double list with 62 despite being a small forward.

John Wall

If Chris Paul is one of the players capable of breaking that milestone, John Wall is another guy that can definitely do so, as a player that sometimes play like a younger version of CP3 and that’s already the best pass-first point guard in the Eastern Conference.

Throughout his entire career with the Washington Wizards, John Wall has averaged 9.2 assists per game, and he’s recorded a 20 dime game against the Chicago Bulls the prior campaign, so he’s been already quite close to that mark.

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James Harden

James Harden made a successful transition to the point guard position the prior campaign under Mike D’Antoni’s tutelage, and he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down despite Chris Paul’s presence beside him in the Houston Rockets, currently averaging 9.2 assists per game as an MVP frontrunner.

Harden can score and assist on a frenetic pace and considering his skill set, he’s the kind of player that you just can’t double or he’ll find an open teammate for the three. Besides, he’s already recorded 17 dimes 5 times through his career.