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Top 5 Most Overrated Players in the NBA!

When we talk about the Most Overrated Players in the league, we have to take into consideration what happens on the court that doesn’t fill the stat sheet. For example, most of the time on the bench because of injuries, lack of defense, bad relationship on and off the court with teammates, doesn’t have a championship-level mindset and doesn’t take shots when it matters the most.

These rankings are based on the examples mentioned above and poor stats performance in the past season (2015-16).

5. DeMar DeRozan


The past season, Derozan, had one of the best season of his career — 23.5 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 4 APG — but to accomplish these stats he had to be the number one in the league on 2-Pt Field Goal attempt with just 45 2-Pt Field goal percent. But even worse was his Playoffs performance — 20.9 PPG, 4.2 RPG, 2.7 APG —. He made just 7.9 from 19.9 Field Goal Attempted for a poor 39 percent from the Field.

He needs to improve his shot selections, defense and expanding the three-point range. If he continues to rely on his mid-range shot, once cold he won't find any other way to score. And even though Toronto had the second-best record in the East, Derozan was 10th in the league in Offensive Win Share with 7.5, but his teammate Kyle Lowry was 8th with 8.0.

4. Kemba Walker


Walker isn’t a pass-first kind of Point Guard, but he isn’t a good scorer neither. Even from the beginning of his career, as NBA player, he has been struggling to find a way to score. The best Field Goal percent in Walker career is a 42 percent, and his worst a 36 percent. But his shooting is not the only problem if we compare Walker to Lin, Kemba was behind him on some important stats. For example:

in TS — Walker 0.486 and Lin 0.539 —,

assists per 36 minutes — Walker 5.4 and Lin 6.4 — and

RPM — -1.03 and Lin +1.66 —.

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If the backup player can be more efficient than the star of the team, you know that he is overrated.

3. DeAndre Jordan


When the opponent team uses the Hack-A-Jordan as a defensive strategy — 142 and 49 times during the last two minutes of a quarter last season — you know how bad Jordan is from the free throw line. Jordan took 508 shots last season but only 49 were out of the restricted area. He doesn’t seem to take the game seriously on the court and it’s more of a limitation than an advantage having him playing.

The best Free Throw percent that Jordan has ever had is a poor 52 and he did it in only 66 games — lockout year —. Even Shaq was a better Free Throw shooter — 52 career percent — than Jordan — 42 percent —. If Jordan, on 8 years in the league, hasn't improved his shot I don’t think he ever will.

2. Andrew Wiggins


Wiggins like DeRozan lacks consistency on offense. You may think it’s soon to put him on this list, but as a first draft pick we expect so much from him and us — the NBA fans — didn’t get impressed. Wiggins has been struggling behind the arch both seasons and hasn't quite yet found his true position in the league. In the past season, Wiggins averaged 20 PPG — 45% FG and 30% 3P — 3.6 RPG and 2 APG, therefore, what Wiggins can bring to the table other than scoring? Pretty much nothing.

The young fellow from the Timberwolves can exceed the expectations, but he has to work a lot on his all-around game. He’s playing at a position — Small Forward — with some of the greatest all-around player we have ever seen — LeBron James and Kevin Durant — thus, he has a lot to work on.

1. Mike Conley


The fast left-handed Point Guard from Memphis makes the number one for most overrated player in the NBA. For those who didn’t know quite well who Mike Conley was, in the summer they had the opportunity to know him, not for what he did or has done on the court but for having the biggest contract in the history of NBA. In the next two years, Conley will earn more than what he has earned in his nine-year career.

He has been battling injuries the last few season and struggled offensively all 56 games with 42% from FG and 36% behind the arch. Conley is 29 years old, he has never been an All-Star, injured his left Achilles, is not getting any younger and there is no sign of improvement. And as a thought, Memphis waived Mario Chalmers after his Achilles injury but gave Conley a 153M contract after his Achilles injury.

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