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Top 5 Largest Margins Of Victory In NBA History


Kemba Walker and the Charlotte Hornets' performance against the Memphis Grizzlies last night was nothing short of astounding.

Sure, the Grizzlies may be tanking hard this season, sitting on a 19-53 record, but that doesn't take away from Walker's massive game and the Hornets' equally-as-massive win.

The All-Star point guard finished with 46 points in only 28 minutes of game time, hitting a franchise-record 10 threes to lead Charlotte to a huge 61-point victory over the lowly Memphis Grizzlies.

The humongous margin of victory by the Hornets is the biggest win in NBA history in the past 20 years, and is the fifth-biggest of all-time.

What are the other four you may be asking? Wonder no more as we run down the top five biggest margins of victory in NBA history.

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5. Charlotte Hornets 140-79 Memphis Grizzlies (61 Points, 2018)


T-4. Syracuse Nationals 162-100 New York Knicks (62 Points, 1960)


T-4. Golden State Warriors 153-91 Sacramento Kings (62 Points, 1991)


3. Los Angeles Lakers 162-99 Golden State Warriors (63 Points, 1972)


2. Indiana Pacers 124-59 Portland Trail Blazers (65 Points, 1998)


1. Cleveland Cavaliers 148-80 Miami Heat (68 Points, 1991)