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Top 5 High-Flyers That Will Not Participate In The Slam Dunk Contest

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Fadeaway World

The NBA recently announced the participants of this years’ slam dunk contest, and even though that Zach LaVine vs Aaron Gordon face-off brought back the excitement to this competition, it’s still far behind from what it used to be.

This year we’re going to witness some truly sick dunkers in the aforementioned Aaron Gordon, as well as Larry Nance Jr, Victor Oladipo and the rookie Dennis Smith Jr, 4 athletic standout young ballers.

Back in the day, the best players in the world didn’t want to rest and avoid injuries during the All-Star break, but instead they were keen to prove that they were the best at everything, leaving it all on the table during Dunk Contests.

Even Michael Jordan himself was a part of this kind of contests, but modern stars refuse invitations and just want to chill out and watch younger prospects try and take the award home, something that obviously takes a lot of the excitement out of it.

That’s why today we’re going to create the dunk contest that’s never going to happen, featuring 5 of the sickest dunkers in the NBA that have never participated in this event. We will not count LaVine, Giannis and George because they already participated in the Dunk Contest.

Honorable Mention: Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is one of the clear front-runners to take home the Rookie of the Year award with his amazing performances all over the campaign, but considering he’s been quite injury prone during his youth, we wouldn’t expect him to participate in any kind of contest of this regard.

Still, being a point forward that just blows you away with strength and athleticism, Simmons is already one of the best dunkers in the Association despite being there for just half a season so far.

5. Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown has a great season so far with 14.2 points, 5.4 rebounds per game and many amazing dunks. One of the NBA's most athletic dunkers didn't receive an invite to the slam dunk contest this year even though he is a high-flyer and he is a perfect candidate for that event.

Maybe next year he will get more attention or he maybe needs to posterize more big men like he did with Kristaps Porzingis.

4. Anthony Davis

The Unibrow is one of the most athletic and skilled players with the rock on his hands, as he was used to run the point when he was growing up and hasn’t lost a bit of his handling skills, being a one-man fast break that can posterize the best rim protectors in the world.

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Davis is just incredibly talented but he’s also quite injury prone so he wouldn’t jeopardize his health in this kind of contest, but considering his height and skill set, he’d be a lock to take the metal home with him.

3. Andrew Wiggins

When he first entered the league, everybody expected Andrew Wiggins to be one of the first guys up to participate in the All-Star dunk contest, considering he had a lot of highlights coming out of high school during the McDonalds All-American games.

Sadly for everybody, he said that as he lost during that competition, he was retiring from dunking in exhibitions. That’s something that says a lot about the lack of character that has haunted Wiggins through his career, but it’s still pretty cool to picture him being a part of this event.

2. LeBron James

We’ve all witnessed LeBron James and his fierce dunks on everybody, as he is one of the most strong and physical players the league has ever seen despite playing as a forward rather than a center.

LeBron’s speed and athleticism make him a walking highlight reel and many of his detractors state that if he was indeed the GOAT, he wouldn’t be scared of losing this kind of contests against younger players.

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Top 5 Best Dunkers in the NBA

1. Russell Westbrook

And finally, we’ve got one of the fastest players in the history of this game, the walking triple-double: Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has shocked everybody with his in-game dunks every now and then and his hops are just off the charts with his ability to take off.

When asked about if he was ever going to participate in this drill, he stated: “Nah, I only dunk on people”, so it’s pretty safe to assume that we’re never going to watch the reigning MVP taking off in this contest.