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Top 5 Games From Players Who Recorded The Most Assists With Zero Turnovers


Trying to run an NBA offense can be a straining task for a point guard, or any other position who initiates the offense for that matter.

Having to remember numerous plays, reading what the defense is giving you, and sometimes coming up with passes on the fly in a split-second are some of the signs of a world-class playmaker.

Assists usually can tell us fans who are the best distributors when it comes to passing the rock, but it doesn't tell us the full story. Just because a player can rack up 10 assists on a game-by-game basis, doesn't mean they're necessarily efficient with the ball in their hands. That's where turnovers come in.

Earlier this week, LeBron James recorded a monumental statline of 35 points, 17 assists and zero turnovers in a comeback win over the Toronto Raptors. The insane statline made him the first player in NBA history to record 30 points, 15 assists and 0 turnovers in a single game, showing just how efficient his game is when it comes to passing the basketball to his teammates.

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But what about the other players who recorded similar games to LeBron, minus the numbers in the scoring column. Take a look as we run down the top 5 games from players who recorded the most assists with zero turnovers.

5. Jason Kidd - 7 Points, 19 Assists, 0 Turnovers (4th March, 1999)


Jason Kidd

4. Andre Miller - 27 Points, 19 Assists, 0 Turnovers (13th February, 2002)


3. Rickey Green - 9 Points, 20 Assists, 0 Turnovers (14th February, 1984)


2. John Lucas - 12 Points, 20 Assists, 0 Turnovers (23rd December, 1983)


1. Chris Paul - 20 Points, 20 Assists, 0 Turnovers (10th December, 2016)

AP Photo/Chris Szagola

AP Photo/Chris Szagola