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Top 5 Current NBA Sidekicks That Deserve A Promotion


In order to win in the NBA nowadays, stars have to unite with other stars. One guy cant't do it all anymore.

There is one catch though. Stars are very rarely equal when they play on the same team. Usually, there's always the main superstar and his sidekick. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook was a perfect example of that. One star usually outplays or is just better than the other, giving him the reigns of the team. Sometimes the union of stars works (Golden State Warriors), other times it doesn't (Oklahoma City Thunder). Either way, there is almost always an imbalance of power.

In today's game, there are obviously still several stars who are serving as "sidekicks." Admittedly, some of these guys are probably better off under the wing of a bigger name. But others deserve a chance to lead their own team and get step out of that "sidekick" shadow. These are the top 5 current NBA sidekicks that deserve a serious promotion:

DeAndre Jordan


Remember when DeAndre was about to leave for the Mavs a few offseasons ago? He ended up changing his mind at the last minute in a really dramatic, controversial fashion. The reason he was so close to signing with Dallas that summer was because they sold him on the idea of being the #1 guy. They promised to make him the focal point of the team on both sides of the ball. On the Clippers, he's never been more than a sidekick to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Even with CP3 gone, however, he still won't get the chance to truly lead the Clippers.

Bradley Beal

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He's an injury prone shooting guard with a lot of unproven potentials. But he can shoot, he plays hard, and he's got a serious knack for putting the ball in the hoop. Bradley Beal has got all the makings of a superstar, and he's shown flashes of that before. With John Wall occupying that #1 spot, however, he'll always be playing second fiddle in Washington. It'd be a huge risk, but if a team would be willing to give him the keys to the offense, Beal could shine. Besides, he's still only 24 years old.

Kristaps Porzingis


Unlike the two names listed above, Kristaps Porzingis could actually become the franchise guy of his team before the month is out. Kristaps Porzingis is the future, everyone knows that. But right now, Carmelo Anthony is still the center of the Knicks' world. With all eyes on Melo (on and off the court), less attention gets paid to Porzingis than it should. The 7'3" Latvian can shoot, rebound and defend at a super consistent rate. If given the chance to be the #1 guy for New York, Kristaps could have the breakout season we've all been waiting for.

Klay Thompson


Before KD's arrival in the Bay, Klay played Curry's sidekick for a while. After Durant's arrival, he fell to the third option, which limited his impact offensively. As great as the Warriors are, all the talent they've assembled may limit the productivity of others. Klay is an example of that, as his stats took a noticeable hit in 2017. The thing with Thompson though, is that he'd make a great franchise centerpiece. Playing both sides of the ball pretty well, Thompson would be able to lead a team of his own to victories. It's a shame we may never get to see the unleashed version of Splash Bro. # 2. But you won't hear him complaining about it.

Kyrie Irving


Well, this one is a bit obvious at this point in time. But ever since LeBron came back to Cleveland, Kyrie Irving has been a superstar masquerading as a sidekick. His promotion may come very soon, though. He's asked for a trade out of town and seeks to become a franchise guy on his own team. Simply put, he's tired of being LeBron's sidekick. After what he's proven he can do in the biggest moments, Kyrie deserves the chance. He's an offensive wizard who still has plenty of room to improve, being just 25 years old.