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Top 5 Clutch Scorers So Far This Season


Being considered 'clutch' in the NBA can sometimes be an overrated part of a player's game.

For some, having that clutch gene trumps all other facets of a player's arsenal, even if they're highly-inefficient chuckers for three quarters but turn it up for the forth.

When put into context however, being clutch can elevate a player above their seemingly equal peers. All you need to do is look at Kyrie Irving, who doesn't possess the most outlandish statistics of all the point guards in the NBA, but his ability to perform in close games -- along with his insane handles -- have elevated him in "the best point guard in the NBA" discussions.

A Reddit user by the username of AsPeHeat has gone to the effort to find out the top 5 clutch scorers in the NBA this season, ranked by points scored in the clutch, clutch being defined as "the last five minutes of a close game (scores within 5 points or less).

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Some obvious names appear on the list, such as the aforementioned Kyrie Irving, but the leader is someone who has been criticized for his lack of a fourth-quarter presence almost his entire career.

5. Kevin Durant - 4.2 PPG (53.8 FG%, 80 3P%)


4. Ricky Rubio - 4.2 PPG (57.1 FG%, 100 3P%)


3. Dion Waiters - 5.0 PPG (60.7 FG%, 58.3 3P%)


2. Kyrie Irving - 5.0 PPG (60.5 FG%, 33.3 3P%)

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images/AFP

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images/AFP

1. LeBron James - 5.5 PPG (61.4 FG%, 40.0 3P%)