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Top 5 Biggest Free Agency Steals Of The 2017 NBA Offseason

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The NBA offseason has a lot of deals already on the books and meanwhile some players have gotten a lot of money out of their new contracts, others have provided great value for their new teams without precisely receiving dozens of millions of dollars in return.

Of course, some deals have been way more impressive, like the Paul George to Oklahoma trade or the Boston Celtics signing Gordon Hayward after a lot of speculation, and even if they’re definitely going to have a much bigger impact on their teams that some of the guys we’re about to name, you just can’t deny how much of a great deal GM’s had with this signings.

Especially considering how much money players can get nowadays with the new CBA, the fact that those guys actually wind up taking a pay cut or just not as much as they could get elsewhere in order to compete is quite impressive, so today we’re going to name the top 5 biggest steals in the NBA offseason so far.

5. Jeff Green - Cleveland Cavaliers

Green has always been a very prolific scorer, although consistency has definitely been a major issue for him. Still, having the possibility to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers and provide an offensive boost off the bench on limited minutes is definitely going to help him find his groove and help the Cavs in another Championship run.

And besides, the fact that they got this elite pickup at just 2.3 million dollars and considering how much he can provide especially with Kyrie most likely heading towards the exit, it’s pretty safe to say that they got a major steal with him.

4. Rajon Rondo - New Orleans Pelicans

After lots and lots of speculation after yet another very disappointing season for the former Boston Celtics standout two-way point guard, Rajon Rondo decided to sign with the New Orleans Pelicans to try and lead his second unit.

Considering how poorly this team fared the prior season but that now they’re ready to go and put together another playoff run, the addition of a veteran point guard as Rondo is definitely a huge improvement over the last year, and getting him at the very reasonable price of 3.3 million dollars make this deal even better.

3. Rudy Gay - San Antonio Spurs

Rudy Gay is coming off a season ending injury, but he was an extremely productive player for the dysfunctional Sacramento Kings before that, and considering he’ll most likely get his minutes limited on an extremely efficient San Antonio Spurs team, we can expect a lot of good things out of the former Raptor and Grizzly.

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And locking him up for a couple of seasons for just 17 million considering how much he's proved his worth in both ends of the floor throughout his career, the Spurs got way scarier with Gay’s arrival at a very fair price, especially because he could’ve gotten way more money elsewhere.

2. Jamal Crawford - Minnesota Timberwolves

Ok, it’s time to seriously consider the Minnesota Timberwolves as legit contenders with that amazing offseason they’ve had, signing Jeff Teague, acquiring Jimmy Butler and now locking up their second unit with the addition of the ultimate 6th man of the league.

Tom Thibodeau’s going to have a blast with this very balanced roster, and signing the former Clipper for just 8.8 million dollars for a couple of seasons is a huge bargain, considering Crawford can score lights out on a nightly basis.

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1. Jonathon Simmons - Orlando Magic

The fact that Jonathon Simmons actually had to pay 150$ for a tryout just a couple of years ago and he’s now considered to be a steal is just yet another reason why you definitely have to love this beautiful game this much.

And considering how productive he was for the San Antonio Spurs in limited minutes, you definitely have to give it to the Orlando Magic, who locked him up for the next 3 years at just 21 million dollars, earning the top spot in our biggest steal list.