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Top 5 Best Matches In The 2019-20 NBA Season


With the 2019-2020 season looming, fans are expecting an incredible year of basketball. The league has more parity now thanks to one of the most incredible free agency period in NBA history.

Superstar duos have taken over the league, and there could legitimately be multiple teams vying for an NBA Championship. Still, it all starts in the regular season where winning as many games as possible is the focus for these contenders.

A few games will stick out in everyone's memories as the season approaches, and these are the most exciting matchups we cannot wait to see. Also, you can check all the complete NBA betting guides available to learn how to take advantage and enjoy the coming games.

5. Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets

This one might be a bit brutal for Kyrie Irving. After admitting to "failing" the Celtics team last season, fans will be wondering why he decided to leave. He was supposed to be their superstar and leader, and that never happened.

Boston fans are very passionate, and they will most likely make sure Kyrie hears their opinion on his disloyalty. It will also be a cracker of a game, with both teams willing to prove which one is better leading into the Playoffs.

4. Toronto Raptors vs. Los Angeles Clippers

As rough as it might be for Kyrie, this one will actually be warm for Kawhi Leonard. He delivered the franchise's first NBA Championship and put together one of the greatest seasons in history with the Raptors. In terms of talent alone, Kawhi might be the greatest Raptor of all time.

The game will be filled with memories, hugs, and competitiveness as both teams will be still trying to win. The Raptors want to prove that they are no pushover in the East Conference while Kawhi Leonard will certainly love to remind them what they are missing.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets

For the first time in his career, Russel Westbrook will not be the superstar suiting up for the franchise that drafted him. An Oklahoma City legend and fan-favorite, it will be an incredible atmosphere to watch Westbrook get welcomed by the fans in Oklahoma City. At the same time, it will be damaging to the hearts of the fans who no longer get to witness his incredible desire and athleticism each and every night.

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On the other end, it will be very interesting to see the production of Chris Paul. The Rockets swapped him for Westbrook in a shocking trade, and there might be some hard feelings. Paul made the Rockets relevant, and now he must make an impact with this young OKC team. Nonetheless, both players are ultra competitors and it will be exciting to watch them go at each other.

2. Philadelphia 76ers vs. Milwaukee Bucks

This one will be a prelude to an Eastern Conference playoff showdown between the two best teams in the conference. With both teams sporting superstar talent, it will be a game to remember. Giannis will show out in this game, reminding people why he is the reigning MVP. Simmons and Embiid will look to dominate the game and put a stamp on the Eastern Conference.

While this game is still a regular season game, it could be a sign as to which team will be in the NBA Finals next year.

1. Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Without a doubt, this game will be the most anticipated in the NBA regular season. Staples Center will be packed with artists, celebrities, and a slew of talented players to put on a show for the NBA Universe.

While both teams are contenders and are very deep, the people want to see Kawhi Leonard and Paul George take on LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Arguably the two best duos in the league, these guys will put on a show for the fans in what will be one of the most memorable games in history.

Bragging rights, reputation, and one-upmanship will be on the line as both teams will want to prove they are the team to beat at Staples. This could also be a signal as to which team makes it to the NBA Finals, along with the ammunition of the best duo debate.


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