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Top 4 Worst Trades in Warriors History

Worst Trades in Warriors History

The past few years, the Warriors have dominated the NBA. They’ve made a lot of great draft picks and free agency signings to get where they’re now. One thing that the Warriors have gotten the short end of the stick on too many occasions are trades. Every franchise has their highlights of terrible trades but, here the top 4 worst trades in Warriors history.

4. Trading away Jason Richardson - 2007


The 2007 NBA season brought on the infamous “We Believe” Warriors team. That same year, the “we believe” team was tragically taken away from us. The Warriors ended their season going 16-9, to make the playoffs and upset the Mavericks in the 1st round. After their quick run, the Warriors quickly dissembled the “we believe” team by trading dynamic scorer Jason Richardson to the Bobcats for Brandon Wright. Richardson’s scoring wouldn’t be replaced and the Warriors would begin their playoff drought that season.

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3. Trading for Chris Webber – 1993


In the 1993 draft, The Warriors selected Anfernee Hardaway with the 3rd overall pick. After the selection, Hardaway was traded to the Orlando Magic with three future 1st round picks to get top pick Chris Webber. Weber was looked to be the low post scorer the team was looking for. Webber played well averaging 17.5 points and 9 rebounds per game in his rookie season.

Although he played well, Don Nelson, (the coach at the time) and Webber didn’t see eye to eye on how they should play. Webber used his 1-year escape clause allowing him to be traded back to Washington for the three 1st rounders’ and Tom Gugliotta. Hardaway went on to become a 4-time All-Star during his early years with Orlando.

2. Trading away Wilt Chamberlain 1964-1965


It’s hard to believe that arguably one of the greatest players of all time was traded away. Due to financial issues, the Warriors were forced to trade the 4 time MVP and future Hall of Famer for Paul Neumann, Connie Dierking, Lee Shafer and cash.

Neumann was the only player who produced for the team after the trade averaging 13.5 points per game in 2 and a half seasons. There was no way any trade could match the production Wilt gave the Warriors, but the team could’ve gotten a lot more in return for the best player in that time period.

1. Trading away Robert Parish and Kevin McHale - 1980


I didn’t think any trade could top trading away Wilt Chamberlain but, when the Warriors traded Robert Parish and their 3rd overall pick to the Celtics, they beat it. The Warriors were given the 1st and 13th pick of the 1980 draft and selected Joe Barry Carroll and Rickey Brown.

In 7 seasons, Joe Barry Carroll averaged 20.4 points per game for the Warriors while Rickey Brown turned out to be a bust. After Parish’s departure, he made 9 All-Star teams with Boston. McHale achieved great success as well making 7 All-Star teams with Boston. The two teammates won 3 NBA championships in the 1980’s with Larry Bird.


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