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Top 4 Possible Super Teams For The Next Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Over the course of the years, the NBA has had some incredible super teams with the best players in the world trying to team up in order to end other guys’ dominance and win the Larry O'Brien trophy altogether as they couldn’t do it by themselves.

Nonetheless, more often than not, those super teams wind up breaking up because having a lot of talent doesn’t always translate to instant success, like when Payton, Malone, Shaq and Kobe teamed up, or when Barkley and Pippen joined the Rockets.

Still, just looking at Kevin Durant signing for the Warriors and LeBron James forming two super teams (despite what he may say) in both Miami and Cleveland make us believe that that tendency is just going up, and Adam Silver recently stated that the league actually needs more super teams. We will not count Golden State Warriors here because they already have a super team.

So, let’s take a look at 4 possible super teams that could actually happen.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Starters: Kyrie Irving, JR Smith, LeBron James, 

Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love

The Cavs have proven to be the most dominant side in the Eastern Conference, although that wasn’t nearly close to enough in this latest NBA finals against perhaps the most talented team the league has ever seen.

But, with the addition of Anthony, they could actually be more of a run and gun team and try to compete with Golden State’s pace, featuring 5 shooters on the floor, although they could miss Tristan Thompson’s presence in the paint with all the second chances the big man provides them.

Cleveland Cavaliers are at this moment in the discussion with Chicago Bulls to acquire Jimmy Butler, but they need the 3rd team to help them.

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At this moment, maybe Carmelo Anthony is the real target for them.

Boston Celtics

Starters: Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Gordon Hayward, 

Blake Griffin, Al Horford

Despite being the 1st seed in the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics weren’t quite intimidating and everybody knew it was just a matter of time before the Cavs knocked them out of the playoffs.

Still, considering the fact that they could actually pull this off having enough money to sign Hayward (who wants to go to a bigger market) and Griffin (who reportedly wants to go to Boston), Boston Celtics could create a real super team this summer.

Gordon Hayward is one of the best small forwards in the league, and with Blake Griffin, they will have the best starting lineup in the Eastern Conference.

Houston Rockets

Starters: Kyle Lowry, James Harden, Danilo Gallinari, 

Paul Millsap, Ryan Anderson

The Rockets were one of the most entertaining team to watch this season and with Mike D’Antoni in charge and Harden running the offense, this kind of roster would be nicely suited to thrive in today’s NBA and be a huge threat to the Warriors.

With 5 shooters on the floor the only concern would once again be their defensive ability, but with the pace and number of possessions this team has, they would try to simply shoot their way into a championship, and even if that doesn’t seem to be the better option, it could actually work with those deadly scorers.

San Antonio Spurs

Starters: Chris Paul, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, 

Serge Ibaka, LaMarcus Aldridge

The San Antonio Spurs are always a threat and if it wasn’t for Kawhi’s injury in game 1 where they had a 25 point lead over the Warriors, perhaps Golden State wouldn't have even reached the finals this year.

And, with Chris Paul interested in joining them to pursue his first championship and their reported interest in signing Ibaka to compensate Aldridge’s horrid defense in the paint, the San Antonio Spurs could pretty much go 75-7 with this kind of power.

However, San Antonio Spurs have to create a room to sign Chris Paul and Serge Ibaka, and that will not be an easy job for Gregg Popovich, but if Chris Paul signs with the Spurs, anything is possible.