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Top 4 Best Destinations For LeBron James To Create A Super Team


You’ve just got to feel sorry for LeBron. Despite becoming the first person to average a triple-double in the NBA Finals and scoring above 33 points a game, it wasn’t enough to overcome the offensively talented team ever assembled.

Kevin Durant along with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have formed a super team the likes of which we’ve never seen. This group of guys can easily score 130 points plus and hold their opponent to under 100. They just have too much firepower for anybody to stop and the NBA title looks like a lock at least for the next few years.

But that’s the thing about the NBA. You never know what’s going to happen. When LeBron joined D-Wade and Bosh in Miami in 2010 everyone thought that they were going to win the title for as long as they were together. They ended up winning 2 out of 4 because strange things happen and teams learn how to play you.

LeBron will be 33 next season, his career is beginning to wind down. Father Time comes for us all. He only had a few years left and he will be as hungry as ever to keep adding to his resume. Cleveland as of now does not look like it is capable of competing with Golden State.

Something needs to change, whether that be the Cavs or the team which LeBron plays on. At 32 James lead the league in minutes played per game. For the amount of basketball he’s played over his career that simply cannot happen. He needs more help to come to him, or he needs to go somewhere to get it.

Here are my top four destinations where LeBron can go get that help.

4. Boston Celtics


I know Celtics fans would hate the sound of this. They’ve been battling LeBron all his career. From Paul Pierce to the Big Four and now Isaiah Thomas and co. Boston has got used to going up against the King.

But imagine if they didn’t have that stress to face every year. Imagine having your primary ball handlers as LeBron and Isaiah Thomas. The Celtics actually had a better regular season record than Cleveland, mainly thanks to Thomas and his incredible 4th quarters.

LeBron needs to be able to go to the bench and his team not to totally collapse without him. For last season LeBron was +17.1 in on-off +/-. Had he been played on the Brooklyn Nets, the worst team in the NBA they would have made the playoffs. When he is on the court James is so valuable it cannot be described, but he needs backup. Thomas, along with Horford and whoever Boston take with the number one pick (Fultz?) would be an interesting mix and would allow LBJ to get the rest he needs to perform at his absolute best come postseason.

3. Los Angeles Clippers

East Team's LeBron James, right, of the Cleveland Cavaliers, talks to West Team's Chris Paul, of the Los Angeles Clippers, prior to the start of the NBA All-Star basketball game, Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015, in New York. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Much has been said of four of the best friends in the NBA combining forces for at least one season. James, Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony regular go on holiday with each other and are a very close bunch indeed.

Although it is extremely unlikely that we will ever see all these guys team up there is a possibility that we see Paul and James combine forces. CP3 is currently a free agent and is desperate to get a chance at a title. James along with Paul, Griffin and Jordan under the tutelage of Doc Rivers would be a show to watch. Adding LeBron James to Lob City? No that would be fun to watch.

LeBron would also provide that deep playoff experience and leadership that the Clippers seem to be missing. This addition I’m sure would create a huge challenge for the Warriors and reignite the quest for the West.

This one’s a slam dunk if ever there was one.

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2. New Orleans Pelicans


Name the two most skilled big men in the NBA right now….if you didn’t name Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins then there’s something wrong with you, and it just so happens that they play on the same team.

Boogie and the Brow look set to take next season by storm with their combination of size, strength and power. They will be an unstoppable force for anyone to deal with next year, and if they had LeBron to feed them then wow.

I can see it now, Davis and Cousins both at the Elbow with LeBron bringing the ball up. LeBron feeds Cousins, then sets a down screen on Davis. Davis gets the ball from Cousins who then lobs it to James who has cut backdoor.

The options on the offensive would be limitless and with the Brow swatting shots from the sky and Boogie banging down low their defense would be top notch as well.

One of the reasons why Cleveland lost against the Warriors is that they played too fast against them, which is what Golden State wanted. If James was playing with two world class bigs then they could control the tempo of the game a lot more and dictate what was to happen.

If this were to happen, expect BIG things to come.

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1. San Antonio Spurs


This one I’m sure would see the might of Golden State come crashing down. LeBron James, the greatest basketball mind playing right now and Gregg Popovich, the greatest coach of all time. Oh and throw in Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge as well.

LeBron has been battling the Spurs all his career. The ultimate player against the ultimate tactician. They’ve met in the Finals three-time with the Spurs being up 2-1, but there is the ultimate level of respect between these two. They both realize and appreciate that both of them are pioneers in this great sport and that the NBA has become a far better league because of them.

Enough about LeBron and Pop, what about LeBron and Kawhi?

The Claw is the best perimeter in the NBA and is seen as LeBron’s toughest individual matchup. Kawhi is so good that in Game 1 of this year's Western Conference Finals the Spurs were beating the Warriors 76-55 with 7:55 left in the third, and it was all thanks to Leonard. He had 26 points on 7-13 shooting in just under 24 minutes of action. He was the key to beating the Warriors, but as soon as he went out injured (thank you Zaza) the Warriors went on a run and then swept the series.

Adding the King to the Claw would set the basketball world on fire and nobody would be able to quench the flames.